4 Tips to Manage and Reduce Food Waste with Express Waste Removals

Restaurants and households alike go through tons of food every year.

Using cooking oil in great quantities for example has made oil recycling a major topic in the food industry and media, because the so-called fatberg found in a London sewer that blocked numerous drains was a shocking find and revealed the consequences of mismanagement of food waste.

It is quite evident that if cooking oil recycling and general food or kitchen waste recycling is not dealt with properly, the waste can cause immense damage.

If kitchen waste is not disposed of adequately, it can cause clogging of drainage systems, hamper with fertilizer formations in compost heaps, and even lead water pollution in the rivers or seas, threatening sea life.

Importance of Food Waste Management and Reduction

The two most common ways to reuse food waste are using food scraps as fertilizers for plants in the garden or indoors or to regrow plants. However, it is also important to know that certain food wastes like cooking oil can be recycled by oil recycling companies to produce other by-products.

This is why it is vital to leave the food waste management in the professional hands of rubbish removal companies like Express Waste Removals in London. Let them handle your food waste for the following reasons:

1.      Minimize Waste in a Licensed Way

See how much kitchen waste alone is produced on average in comparison with all other types of waste in this graphic featured by Express Waste Removals:



You can see that kitchen waste together with paper and card makes up the highest percentage of waste production in households.

In big households kitchen waste comes in huge quantities and disposing of household junk adequately can be a big challenge. Pouring oil waste simply into the kitchen and toilet sinks for instance, results in clogging the drainage systems.

Restaurants-and-catering-services-to-recycle-cooking-oilFamilies or house owners will need to hire plumbing services, which can be costly, to unclog their drains. Some uneducated people may also dump their food waste outside in the open where it may find its way into the sewerage system, causing blockages or attracting pests that can spread diseases.  Households may have to hire pest control services as a consequence to manage the spread of pests around their property.

To avoid such problems, Express Waste Removals advise everyone to leave their food waste management and removal with an insured and fully certified junk removal operator like them. They know exactly how to dispose of your food waste or garden waste, because they collaborate with licensed junk operators and recycling centres for the best eco-friendly rubbish removal methods.

2.      Contribute to local Communities and Businesses

By having your food waste recycled adequately through Express Waste Removals you first of all contribute to your local community by keeping it clean and healthy. You model green living and recycling and this will educate your neighbours or friends to follow suit. And you’ll also be supporting the local businesses involving themselves in the recycling business every day, because you are contributing towards economic growth which can lead to job creation. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

3.      Recycled Food can Produce Energy

Used oil can be converted into various by-products, like the most common by-product biodiesel. Biodiesel is a renewable energy source and is an alternative fuel to petroleum/diesel fuel for eco-friendly cars. Another type of energy food waste can produce when recycled through anaerobic digestion is biogas and fertiliser. In an oxygen-free tank the food waste material is broken down leading to these by-products that are useful for farms for example.

4.      Food Waste Recycling is Cost-Effective

As described earlier, inadequate and unprofessional food waste management can lead to additional costs to deal with problems arising from it such as blocked drains etc.

Hence, having the food waste disposed of professionally with waste removal companies like Express Waste Removals is the best alternative, as they offer very affordable waste removal options. The recycling businesses in your London area that work with Express Waste Removals also benefit from this so food waste recycling is  a very convenient solution for any household or food company and restaurant in London.

Managing and Reducing Food Waste is a Win-Win

The above-mentioned reasons clearly show that you should consider recycling your food waste with the help of professionals, because of the benefits that accrue from using licensed junk removal providers. Apart from minimizing and removing waste professionally, protecting the environment, producing biodiesel, and benefiting the local businesses, food waste recycling is cost-effective and is the best solution for managing food waste at home or as a business. And your local community will thank you for it.