Benefits Of Recycling Waste; Tips To Guide You

With over 177 million tonnes of waste generated across the UK annually, a good thing to ask yourself is; where does all this waste end up?  177 million tonnes is a huge pile, a giant mountain of waste if it were to be put together right? The good thing is that out of this rubbish and junk, most of it ends up in recycling plants. Over half of what we call waste can be recycled and in so doing, help conserve the environment.

How Does Recycling Help Conserve The Environment?

You see, for every new product you see on the shop or store, raw materials were extracted from the planet for its manufacture. When you recycle or buy items made from recycled materials, you help reduce the need for extracting new raw materials. The beauty of it all is that most of the items we use on a day to day in our homes or offices are made of recyclable materials; plastic, metal, papers, etc. even water can be recycled! Recycling is therefore a way to help conserve the environment; utilizing what we already have before going for brand new.

What Items Can Be Recycled?

  • Plastic; think of the water bottles you end up with, plastic bags, rubber bags and plastic wrappers, and the likes. Plastic is one of the easiest materials to recycle.
  • Glass; think of your empty wine bottles, beer bottles or even pieces of broken glass. Glass is recycled by being heated in high temperatures till it’s melted. Different colors of glass should not be mixed as these can alter the final desired color of the product. A good rubbish removal company ought to guide you on how to go about this.
  • Metal; this can include iron sheets that are left behind during construction or renovations, soda cans and fruit cans common in most kitchens. Extracting metal from earth has huge implications for the environment at large. Couple this with the fact that metal takes ages to decompose and it emits harmful elements if buried in the soil.
  • Paper; old newspapers, magazines, envelopes, and cardboard boxes can all be recycled. Recycled paper means less reliance on tree cutting; papers are made from trees,
  • Others; there are other items that can be recycled and these include textiles, electronics, and old car tires. Instead of throwing these away as junk, how about getting a rubbish removal company to take them for recycling?

Benefits of recycling;

  1. Recycling reduces pollution; most forms of pollution today have to do with industrial waste. Industries emit huge and toxic fumes to the environment each year as they manufacture new products and items. Thus, by recycling we reduce the need for relying on new products made from new raw materials. Much of the rubbish we generate in our homes and work places can be recycled.
  2. Protect the environment; like we mentioned earlier, papers are manufactured from trees and for every paper you use; a tree had to be felled. Thus by recycling paper we help protect trees that would have been cut down.
  3. Reduces size of landfill; if all the waste generated ended up in landfills, we’d have huge mountains of rubbish right left and center. But thanks to recycling, landfills don’t pile up fast. In fact, human population continues to rise and if we don’t embrace recycling, we’ll end up with filled up landfills that pose dangers to the environment. Landfills emit methane gas and this is known to have negative effects on the environment.
  4. Employment; recycling has employed millions of people either directly or indirectly here in the UK alone. From manufacturing products from recycled materials, to those that source for these materials and transport them to the recycling plant.
  5. Slows down global warming; like we mentioned earlier, most of the pollution to the environment today comes from large industries. Recycling means that such industries won’t release huge amounts of Greenhouse gases like Nitrogen and carbon dioxide; these are at the middle of causing global warming.
  6. Sustainable use of resources; last but not least, recycling helps us in using our natural resources sustainably. It means that we exhaust what we already have before trying to extract new raw materials. Money that would have been used to pay workers to mine iron ore for instance, can be saved when we recycle cans and tin from items we used.


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