How Express Waste Removals get the job done for Garden Clearance

Garden Waste Clearance

Are you looking for a professional and reliable garden clearance company? A company that has experience clearing gardens and ensuring that all rubbish and trimmings are effectively cleared, and disposed of? Then you are on the right place, Express Waste Removal is a licensed and registered waste carrier, passionately serving the residents of London and the surrounding areas. While gardens are beautiful and help enhance the aesthetic value of our homes and offices, there comes a time when you have to clear all the rubbish therein. This could include anything from polythene bags, plastic bottles, gift wrappings, weeds and trimmed branches or leaves, and so on. While this may seem like a small task, truth is that you need planning, labor, tools, and equipment, not to mention a landfill to dispose of whatever needs to be disposed of. Our man and van waste collectors will do justice to your garden and leave it tidy.

How express waste removals get the job done;

  • Express Waste Removals prides itself of having some of the most experienced garden waste collectors. You don’t have to worry about your plants or flowers being damaged or uprooted during the clearance process; we clear only what’s not needed!
  • Thus when you give us a call, our customer care representatives will seek to know your exact location. How big or small is the garden? Is your home garden, or a garden next to an office or commercial premises? These are some of the things we always seek to find out so that we can dispatch our clearance teams. It also helps us know the kind of tools we’ll need to bring along.
  • In most cases, 90% of all garden waste can be recycled or used for other constructive purposes! Our company attaches great importance to recycling and in this regard, we will always advise you on the best way to utilize what has been cleared from your garden. For instance, did you know that mulching, composting, are good ways of making use of your garden waste? A compost site is easy to make and run and the compost you end up with is 100% organic and very fertile.
  • Our man and van teams are always equipped with safety gear and the right tools for the job. If there are any branches, twigs, or branches that need to be chopped into smaller pieces for easier transportation, we will do that very fast. You’ll just sit aside and watch the job get done; we do all the hard work, and then load the waste.
  • We will also give you a free no-obligation quote, and this is not final as we can always negotiate the final fee when we come to your premises. Our rates are actually some of the most affordable here in London, with a minimum load being charged £ 25, while a full load may cost you around £ 250. Once we agree on the amount of waste to be cleared and how much you’ll pay, we never charge you for anything else! Some of our clients have voiced fears and concerns that they have been forced to pay loading fees, parking fees and other ridiculous charged. Express waste removals don’t do that, we load and clean up thereafter at absolutely no extra cost.

How To Make Use Of Your Garden Waste;

Garden waste can also refer to the waste you get from your kitchen like food leftovers, tea bags, eggshells, and so on. Now, all these can be collected into a composting site as we mentioned and then converted into compost or manure. How is this done? This is done by combining what’s known as green waste and brown waste in the right ratio. For instance, take the green twigs and leaves trimmed from your garden, then add in some eggshells, sawdust, and mix them all together. You have to ensure that you continually mix and turn this combination so that it can decompose evenly. The compost may take a week or two before it’s ready for use in your garden. You can use the compost on your flower vases, kitchen garden, give to a neighbor, or even sell it to a willing buyer. The fact that compost is 100% organic makes it the best option in comparison to artificially manufactures fertilizers.

Express Waste Removals Offers And Discounts;

In the spirit of appreciating all our loyal clients who have stuck with us as well as new ones interested in our services, Express Waste Removals is pleased to inform you that we are now offering handsome discounts! Each time you hire our home or office waste clearance services, we will also clear your garden at incredibly discounted prices! Feel free to give us a call on 020 8099 9819 for more details. You can also book us online, there’s an easy online form where you can leave your details and our representatives will get back to you promptly. Let’s clear your garden today, we assure you of professional services that will leave you satisfied and pleased.

How Can Express Waste Removals Collect And Dispose Residential Waste Faster Than Any Other Company?

For many residents of London, collecting and disposing their residential waste can be quite stressful. It could even be worse if one is relying on skip hire services; they tend to take longer, applying for skip permits can take time, plus the cost may not be so friendly. As such, Express Waste Removals is your professional and reliable partner for all your waste collection and clearance needs here in London, and surrounding areas. In a city that has tens or even hundreds of waste clearance companies, we stand out as a reliable and affordable partner that you can always count on. We clearly understand that different types of waste require to be handled differently and as such, we always get the job done right and promptly.

What comprises of residential or household waste? This refers to all waste generated in homes, from kitchen and garden waste, to junk and damaged home furniture pieces like broken chairs, beds, old clothes and toys, and so on so forth. We always recommend or advise our clients on the importance of sorting their residential waste well in advance; this makes the collection and clearance processes quite easy. If you have rubbish bins in your home, best thing is to ensure that kitchen waste is dumped in one bin, while the other usual home waste like junk and unused items should be put in another. Better still, recyclable residential waste is best put aside so that when our clearance teams arrive, it’s easier to know where to take it for recycling. But that’s not mandatory, our clearance teams are able to sort all the waste and determine what’s recyclable or not.

Here Are some Reasons Why Express Waste Removals Is Your Best Bet When Looking For A Residential Waste Removal Company In London;

  • Express means express: we are fasts and prompt, can come over to your residence on short notice. It doesn’t matter the amount of residential waste present or where you are located in the city. Our disposal teams can be scrambled fast and show up in a matter of hours. In instances where you lead a busy, hectic life and are looking for a flexible clearance company, Express Waste Removals comes in handy. We can come over on weekends or on public holidays, or whatever time of the day that’s convenient with you. Our mantra at Express Waste Removals is that your convenience is our command!
  • Professionalism; like earlier mentioned, London has no shortage of waste clearance companies and each of them will want you to believe that they are the best. But how do you determine which is the most ideal one for residential waste collection? We are unique in that professionalism is ingrained in our services from A to Z. From the moment you give us a call, to the moment we dispatch our clearance teams, to the time we get the job done and depart; we are ever professional. Professionalism means that our clearance teams are all carefully picked and vetted; they are courteous and respectable at all times. Looking for a company that will respect the serenity and sanctity of your residence, clearing waste without shouting and messing all over while at it? Talk to Express Waste Removals.
  • Safety for Staff comes first: waste collection can be a risky job considering that some of the residential waste can be toxic or hazardous. Besides, lifting and carrying bulky waste and junk could easily cause injuries. But hey, don’t worry about that! Our house clearance teams are all well equipped with the right tools for the job, as well as protective clothing. All our residential clearance teams are insured and we ensure that all safety measures and protocols are observed on each assignment they embark on.
  • Affordability; the issue of affordability is a tricky one because cheap can be expensive. In most cases, companies that charge too cheaply tend to do shoddy jobs or later slap you with ridiculous costs like loading fees, parking fees, and so on so forth. But with Express waste removals, our rates are competitive and final; once we agree we’ll never come with other costs along the way. We will also charge you only for the waste we clear from your residence; Skips on the other hand tend to charge you a standard amount depending on the size of the skip they’ve availed. This can be exploitative and as such, Express Waste Removals always strives to charge you for the little or much that we have cleared from your place.

Don’t wait for your residential waste to accumulate before getting a clearance company! This will only invite pests and rodents, not to mention the filthy stench. Express Waste Removals is just a phone call away. Talk to us today for a free quotation on phone.

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5 Recycling Tips You Need To Be Doing In 2018

Have you ever taken a moment to think about this; that in your lifetime on this earth, you’ll have generated 100,000 pounds of rubbish and waste! Add this to the carbon footprints you’ll leave in the form of C02 and you’ll realize that something needs to be done! Recycling is one of the easiest yet most effective ways of helping conserve the environment. At a time when global warming is no longer a distant myth but a clear and present reality, it is recommendable we all embrace recycling more than ever before. From plastic bottles, kitchen waste like food, gift wrappings; most of what we call waste in our homes could very well be recycled.  In 2018, we have compiled the below recycling tips that you should really try out. They are the best way to do something tangible towards helping conserve the planet.

  1. Reduce and reuse; although these two are often viewed as separate from recycling, truth is that they are very inter related. Reducing and reusing will mean that you have lesser to dispose of as waste. It is about limiting the amount of items that will need to be thrown away afterwards. Recycling is often a last remedy; the initial ones are in reducing and reusing.
  2. Know what’s recyclable; in 2018 you’ll also need to be conversant with what’s really recyclable, and what’s not. Never underestimate the amount or quantity of what can be recycled; if it’s recyclable, make sure it ends up in a recycling bin. Paper and cardboards, plastic, aluminum, glass; all these can be recycled into new products. So the next time before you aimlessly toss away that water bottle or energy drink can, consider putting them in a recycling bin. When putting glass for disposal, never break the glass as the different colors may spoil the desired outcome.
  3. Make it a habit; more often than not, we make resolutions but quickly forget about them after a week or two. In order to embrace recycling fully and effectively, you have to look at the larger picture. Purpose to lead an eco friendly life in all spheres of your life and you’ll find that recycling comes in naturally at all times. From embracing green energy to supporting companies that have embraced recycling; embrace eco friendliness in all aspects of your life.
  4. Recycling water; hey, how about recycling water in your home so that before you release it off the drain, it serves another purpose. Water used to bath, wash dishes or rinse clothes can be harvested, and sprinkled on the driveway for instance to reduce dust. It can also be recycled to water your lawn and flowers. When showering, don’t dance and sing for 10 minutes; make it brief and essential.
  5. Recycling food; lastly, how do you plan to handle food waste and other kitchen waste in 2018? Well, forget about throwing such in landfills, food recycling is real and effective.  You can prepare compost from food waste in a process known as composting; the resulting organic manure is very ideal for your lawn or garden. IF you have a composting facility in your home the better, the process is pretty easy and straight forward, food waste, tea bags, egg shells; all these will make very good compost that you can use on your garden instead of buying inorganic fertilizer made of harmful chemicals. Food recycling is fun as it is effective.

is a professional waste clearance company in London, our recycling rates are some of the highest you’ll find anywhere in the country. We’ll take care of all the recyclable waste we’ve cleared from your home or business.

For more details on our recycling procedure, just talk to us on 020 8099 9819.

Read about How We Collect and Disposal the Rubbish, Collected From You

Why is recycling in London so important explained by Express Waste Removals

Despite being larger and more cosmopolitan when compared to most EU cities, London continues to lag behind when it comes to recycling. Amsterdam, Oslo, Hamburg; the recycling rates here are higher when compared to our very own city. Why is Recycling Important? Recycling is an easy but effective way for everyone to make a positive impact on our world.  Currently, the London Mayor is in the frontline trying to help tackle an influx in plastic bottles across the city. These bottles chock drainage systems, they’re an eyesore when left littering our parks and public spaces; not to mention the long term effects of plastic that finds its way into the Thames and our oceans. Over the years, Express Waste Removals has been leading the way when it comes to recycling; we have helped many London homes and businesses get their waste recycled. We handle all the logistics for you by collecting all the items that you want recycled and transporting them to the nearest recycling plant

Recycling is good for the environment; the first importance of recycling is that it’s good for the environment. It reduces the need to manufacture new products from new raw materials. The amount of harmful greenhouse gases that are emitted when a new product is being manufactured is high; recycling reduces that tremendously. Thus as a city, if we can recycle more products than we’re manufacturing afresh, the better it’d be for the environment.

Good for the people; have you ever thought about the millions of tonnes of waste and rubbish that ends up in landfills? Yet, much of that waste can be recycled and turned into usable items and objects.  Most Londoners are more concerned on getting rubbish removed from their homes and offices; few are eager to find out where and how the waste will be disposed. Which is why when you hire Express Waste Removals, one of the very first things we do is to let you know that we’re passionate about recycling! Be inspired to give out whatever recyclable items you may be possessing. This includes the usual waste, or even junk and clutter idling in your basement and stores. Think of old toys and damaged bicycles your kids don’t use anymore. Think of damaged electronics and old mobile phones. Whatever the case, our waste removers will pick such and ensure that we’ve taken them for recycling.

Waste-Clearance-servicesIt’s fun, beneficial to economy; there are thousands of people who work in the recycling industry in London. They include recycling plants, and the vast network of waste collectors who take the bulk of recyclable materials for recycling. Like we mentioned, it is very important that you find out from the waste removal company whether they recycle their waste. A company that is only interested in the profits and hardly makes any effort to recycle the waste collected should be avoided. But again, not all recycling has to be done in a recycling plant away from home. You can recycle your food waste via composting. Composting is fun and easy, you just need to ensure that the right temperatures, moisture, and mixture are used. Organic homemade compost manure is the best, very ideal for your London home garden, flowers, even flowers on vases.



Express Waste Removals cooperates with some of the leading recycling plants across London. Each time you hire us to handle your home or business waste, rest assured that you’re working with a company is passionate about Mother Nature.  We offer our services to homes and apartments, offices, even real estate companies looking for a waste removal company to handle multiple waste removal exercises, in different locations. Give us a call today or book our services online; it’s easy and takes 2 minutes.

Why you need ECO Friendly Waste Clearance

Express Waste Removals is London’s most reputable and eco friendly house Clearance company, we pride ourselves of having worked with many home owners across the city. We are professional, we are passionate, and we are affordable; these three pillars are what have made us a darling of most home owners looking for house clearance services. Whether you want a single item like a sofa cleared from your premises, or an entire clearance of all items therein like fridge, mattresses, old carpets, and such like, trust us to get the job done fast and effectively. We are the real pros when it comes to accessing homes and removing items safely and efficiently, without any damages or littering around. Our smart team of house clearers will impress you with their meticulous execution of the task at hand.

Things to consider before a house clearance;

How organized are you; the success of your house clearance will largely depend on how well prepared you are. This is to say that in order for the house clearance company to get the job done fast and effectively, you can help by knowing what will need to be cleared, and left behind. It is advisable to colour-code the items for ease of identification during the clearance.

Make us understand what you want; our customer care team is always very eager to hear you explain on phone what precisely needs to be done. We have had cases before of home owners who call but are unable to paint a clear picture of the amount of waste that’s to be cleared, and so on. Without such details, it becomes harder estimating how much time we’ll need to get the job done, how much we’ll charge, or even the size of bins and skips we need to bring along. In some instances, we prefer sending over one of our team members to come and assess the task at hand so that we are able to make the necessary planning.

While most of what we’ll clear from your home will end up in recycling centres, some of it can be donated or reused. Express Waste Removals has aligned itself with some noble  and good causes like housing associations; some of the furniture we collect from your house can be taken here and benefit the less fortunate. It is worth noting that not all items that are cleared from your house are waste. There is a term known as compulsive hoarding. This means the tendency to peep and maintain things we once valued but no longer use. Toys you bought for your kids 5 years ago lying idle in the basement, electronics wasting away in the store after you upgraded to newer models, clothes or shoes you no longer use, and so on.  Before you know it, your home is a yard full of clutter and junk and worthless items that add little value to your life! They make your house look untidy, some may pose health hazards. We can help you declutter your home and remain with only the essentials.

Express Waste Removals has a policy of ensuring that our prices are always on the lower side, not because our services are inferior, but because we believe a satisfied customer will always come back and recommend us to his or her friends. Our work speaks for itself; you’ll never regret hiring us as your contractors for house clearance. In 2018, we’re giving amazing discounts to any new client who recommends a friend to try our house clearance services. Talk to us any day, we are available to work for you on weekends, public holidays, even in the evening. Simply let us know when you’ll be available and we’ll be more than glad to demonstrate to you just why we’re the leading house clearance team in London.

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