Signs of Quality Junk Removal Company in London

There are many junk removal companies in London, making it difficult to select one with the best services. Junk removal companies with quality services should be able to offer full-services that will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. They should also be effective enough to handle any type and amount of rubbish and have the right equipment for the job. If you are in London and are looking forward to hiring a junk removal service it very important to know how to point out one with quality services.

Here are 7 Signs of a Quality Junk Removal Company in London:

1. Quick and Reliable Services:

Quality junk service removal companies in London are quick to respond. They work on time schedules and are mainly focused on how long it would take them to provide their services after a client’s request. Their customer service should respond fast to your calls or emails. They should also be able to arrive within a short period of time to clear your junk. The most efficient companies respond in less than 48 hours and take the shortest time possible to clear out the junk from your premises.

Quick Rubbish Removal Service

2. Recycling is a Top priority:

Reputable junk removal companies are more concerned to keep the environment clean through recycling. When hiring a junk removal consider the ones whose top priority is recycling. They should also have the best means and procedures that they use to dispose of hazardous junk. This shows that they are really passionate about keeping the environment clean making them reliable and efficient.

3. They Offer All-Rounded Services:

Quality junk removal services are multi-skilled. They can help you remove any type of junk including metallic junk or car scraps. You need to hire such a company because today you might need your office cleared and maybe your garage tomorrow. This will avoid the hassle of having to look for a junk removal company every time you need to dispose of a different type of junk. Junk removal companies that are versatile are more reliable and efficient than those that offer only one service.

Rubbish Removal Service

4. They have More Experience:

A company with more experience has a clear indication of quality services. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been in business for so long. Companies with more experience also have professional teams who have enough experience and have been well trained to remove junk in an orderly and careful manner. Working with a well-experienced junk removal company will guarantee you the best services.

5. They have Adequate Resources and Certifiable Skills:

A recommended junk removal companies should the suitable equipment to carry out the job. They should have the right vehicle that is capable to carry any size of junk. Their employees should also have certified training skills to help them provide you with quality services. They should be able to provide services that will exceed a client’s expectations enough for them to rehire the company.

Commercial Waste Removals

6. They are Systematic:

Being systematic is one of the signs of a quality junk removal company. The company should be able to complete their tasks efficiently in a short period of time. The employees should be able to work as a team and work in a systematic process to ensure that all your junk is disposed of. They should also be efficient enough to ensure that no piece of junk is left behind.

7. They have Affordable and Justifiable prices:

The junk removal company should have affordable prices ranges and service packages. The price should also be justifiable in relation to the services provided. The prices should also be easy to understand by the client.

How to Deal with Rubbish and Recyclables in London

Some people do not know exactly how to suitably dispose of rubbish and recyclables in London. How you choose to deal with your rubbish reflects how clean your premises will be. Absolutely no one lives a zero-waste lifestyle; everyone has rubbish in their home or even workplace. Minimizing the amount of rubbish you produce is the first step to maintaining a clean environment. Adapting to some changes can help you reduce the amount of rubbish you produce and help you handle it properly.

Rubbish and Recycle in London

Here are 5 Methods to help you Deal with Rubbish and Recyclables in London:

  • Use of Reusable Shopping Bags:

Plastic bags contribute largely to environmental pollution. Every time you go shopping at your local supermarket, your goods get packed in a plastic bag. This means that the more you shop, the more plastic bags you will have to dispose of. The simplest way to avoid this is to ditch the plastic bag and get yourself a reusable shopping bag. You could even sew one for yourself with an old cloth in your home. This will greatly reduce the number of plastic bags in your home. You could also opt to use biodegradable shopping bags that are environmentally friendly.


  • Hire a Rubbish Removal Service:

One of the most reliable ways to dispose of your rubbish in London is hiring a rubbish removal service. They will help you deal with both your rubbish and recyclables. Apart from that, they also ensure that at no point will your rubbish bins overflow with rubbish since they ensure to collect the rubbish in time. Another benefit is that you do not have to worry about the disposal and recycling processes as the rubbish removal service will handle all that at their company. To avoid the hassle of rubbish piling up, hire yourself one of the best waste removal London.

Rubbish and Recycle in London

  • Adapt to Composting:

Most people throw away large amounts of rubbish that could be composted and used as fertilizer. You could use the fertilizer from your compost for your flower or vegetable garden. You could collect all your organic rubbish from your kitchen or household into a bin and let it naturally compose. The rubbish will be converted into nutrient-rich fertilizer one the composition is over. This could be very useful for those of you who like organic kitchen vegetables since you could use this fertilizer for your home garden. This way, none of your food will go to waste since it will help you produce even more healthy vegetables from your home garden.


  • Repurpose Old Items:

Some items can be used to serve other purposes. Instead of throwing them away and adding to your pile of rubbish, you could find other purposes that they could serve. For example, you could use old plastic containers to plant your flowers or vegetables in, old coffee canisters and jars can also be used to store other items in your kitchen, or use pieces of broken dishes to tile your outdoors, decorate your flower pots or decorate your pavements. Broken furniture can also be repurposed into hangers or picture frames. Repurposing greatly helps you deal with your rubbish.


Rubbish and Recycle Waste in London

  • Use of Reusable Items:

You should make it a habit to use reusable items rather than disposable ones. Don’t use disposable plates, use normal plates that you could reuse after washing. In addition to that, choose reusable water bottles. Considering the availability of water dispensers within London, it is advisable to use water bottles because you could easily refill them once your water runs out. You don’t have to buy a bottle of water in a supermarket while you could have carried your own from home. When shopping, remember to buy products with packages that can be reused.

Guide for Finding Cheap and Fastest Rubbish Removal in London

If you live in London, you must agree that it is one of the best metropolis to reside in. The cleanliness of the people on an individual level determines how clean London is. Rubbish removal is a fundamental way to keep the environment clean. It also ensures a way to maintain good hygiene. As a resident of London, you majorly contribute to the cleanliness of the city. It is therefore important that you participate in keeping the city clean by suitably disposing of the garbage whether you are at home or at your workplace.

If you are looking for a service that offers cheap and fast rubbish removal, here is a guide that will help you select the appropriate service for your rubbish removal.


  1. The Cost of Services;

One of the important things to consider when looking for a cheap and fast rubbish removal service in London is the cost. You could research on several rubbish removal services and request for their quotations. After getting quotations you can then compare the services offered with quotations in order to find the reasonable amount to pay. Have the service justify their prices with the quality of their service before you hire them.

 Cheap Rubbish Removal in London

  1. The Reputation and Experience of the company;

You need to hire a rubbish removal service in London that is not only cheap and fast but also has a good reputation. Before hiring a rubbish removal service, you need to ensure that you do a background research on them to see whether they have bad reviews. Reputable companies are highly recommended, have positive reviews and high ratings. Also look for companies in London that have more experience in rubbish removal. This will help you avoid companies with poor services.


  1. Flexibility and Customer Service of the Company;

The level of quality of a rubbish removal service is often determined by their customer service and flexibility. Before making your final decision on which company to hire, go to their website or call them to inquire about their flexibility. If you are able to, try reaching out to former clients so that you can know exactly what kind of services to expect. You should hire a rubbish removal service that is capable to provide you with all the services you require. You also need a reliable rubbish removal service that is right on schedule and doesn’t delay to collect rubbish.

 Cheap Rubbish Removal in London

  1. The Recycling Policy of The Company;

What are the benefits of recycles that garbage is an important factor. Some companies collect rubbish from your place and just dump it somewhere else within London. This is disappointing as they are basically cleaning your place just to make another part of London even dirtier. Select companies that have better rubbish removal and disposal policies. Often go for those that are more focused on recycling. Companies with a good recycling policy are believed to really care about the environment. This is why you should hire the rubbish removal service with the best disposal and recycling methods.


  1. Quality of their Services;

Everyone likes good quality service, so should you. When it comes to the quality of a rubbish removal company, you should consider reliability, time management, and the extra services provided. You need a rubbish removal service that provides quick and prompt services. Hire a service that will be at your location in a few hours after you request for their services. You also need to hire a service that will go out of their way to provide extra rubbish removal london services that you need even if you had not requested them.

Advantages of Hiring a Rubbish Removal Services in London

Finding the time and proper way to dispose of your rubbish can be tough. It gets tougher when the rubbish you want to dispose of is bulky or hazardous. It is, however, important to get rid of rubbish for both safety and hygienic purposes. You could have rubbish from your kitchen, or maybe from the remodeling of your home. Sometimes you just have old electrical appliances that can no longer be repaired and you need to get rid of them. There is no better way to dispose of your rubbish than by hiring a rubbish removal service.

Here are 5 Advantages of Hiring a Rubbish Removal Service in London:

  • Affordability:

Hire rubbish removal services london

Rubbish removal services in London have very affordable rates. Most of the services provide you with quotations of their services together with the service packages provided. Unlike other places, rubbish removal services in London only charge for the rubbish that they remove, making it affordable to hire their services whenever you need them. Hiring a rubbish removal service also helps you save as it saves you the cost that you would incur to personally collect the rubbish and transport it to the recycling centres. It also helps you save on having several rubbish bins that you would need to dispose of each and every type of rubbish you have.

  • Convenience:

Hire rubbish removal services london

Sometimes you can have different types of rubbish, for example, you might have old carpets, tiles, wood, or old electrical equipment. It gets difficult sometimes to dispose of such bulky rubbish on your own. Hiring a professional rubbish removal service will save you the hassle of having to move all that bulky rubbish by yourself.  This not only makes it convenient for you as you do not have to worry about how to collect all your rubbish. Other than that, it is also safer as you could hurt yourself while struggling to dispose of bulky rubbish.

  • Good Quality Professional Services:

Hire rubbish removal services london

Rubbish removal services in London will provide you with the best services. Their services not only protect your property but also ensure to properly dispose of hazardous wastes. Most of the services have trained their employees on how to handle different types of rubbish. They will ensure that dangerous waste products aren’t left behind. After packing the rubbish up, these professionals also ensure that there are no items left behind, they basically clean the place too. How amazing is that? If you are looking forward to having all your rubbish collected, then hire a rubbish removal service in London.

  • Proper Disposal of Rubbish:

Professional rubbish removal services in London make sure that all the rubbish is separately collected and disposed of accordingly. The rubbish is properly separated ensuring that the biodegradables are separated from the ones that need to be incinerated. This ensures that all rubbish is properly disposed of without causing a negative impact on the environment. Rubbish removal services in London also benefits to recycle some of the rubbish collected. This helps reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere hence environmental friendly. To conclude, one can say that hiring a rubbish removal service is environmentally friendly.

Hire rubbish removal services london

  • Saves your Time and Energy:

Hiring a professional for rubbish removal London will provide you with a time-saving resolution. Professional rubbish removers will take less time to collect all the rubbish compared to when you personally collect your rubbish. Not only do they take less time, but also provide the best quality service in a short period of time. They will arrive on time and offer the quickest services. As it is said, time is money, so why not save your time by hiring professional rubbish removing services.

Rubbish Removal In London – What Does The Law Say?

Each year, around 177 million tonnes of waste are generated across the UK. Most of this comes from homes, commercial premises like businesses, offices, construction sites, and so on so forth. However, some of this waste ends up being illegally dumped or disposed of, posing serious environmental challenges. So much so that illegal dumping, better known as Fly Tipping has become a serious problem in the UK. Local authorities and councils have come up with laws and regulations criminalizing fly tipping and other improper acts in the line of waste collection and disposal. Please note that illegal waste dumping is different from littering; littering means the careless dropping of waste and other items on a small scale. But illegal dumping means that waste is illegally dumped in the wrong places on a large scale. This could be on the highways, public parks, driveways, and the likes. As such, you have every reason to consider whether the waste collection and disposal company you’re hiring is licensed and authorized to handle waste.

Rubbish removal in London and Law Behind

  • Between the year 2016 and 2017, over one million calls or reports were made across the UK, regarding piles of rubbish that had been illegally dumped. When someone illegally dumps rubbish on your property, you’ll be solely responsible for clearing all of it. However, you have to ensure that you report such instances to the local authority so that they investigate and if possible, prosecute the culprits.
  • Fly tipping is criminalized in Section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The fact of the matter is that over 50% of all illegally dumped waste in London and other places around England is dumped on highways. What does this tell you? It could be that some of the service providers you hire to come and clear your home or office rubbish ends up dumping the same on highways. Always ensure that you hire a reputable waste clearance company that’s licensed. That’s one of the best ways to ensure that the rubbish ends up in the right place; either in recycling plants or in landfills.
  • As a home or office owner, even real estate managers; littering or dumping waste will cost you not less than £400 in the form of a fine. If you consider the fact that annually, Councils hand out about 50,000 penalties relating to the illegal dumping of waste; that means things are serious, Councils and the Environmental Agency continue to tighten the noose on anyone handling waste illegally.

rubbish removal in london

  • Businesses and commercial premises in particular should ensure that they hire reputable rubbish removal companies. This is because the penalties of disposing your rubbish improperly could be higher if you’re taken in a court of law. One of the biggest financial penalties ever imposed to a business for illegal waste dumping was in 2016; a Birmingham business was slapped with a £ 25,000 for dumping their waste illegally. Yet, a reputable and reliable rubbish removal company would cost you a fraction of that amount to clear your waste and dispose of it properly.
  • The law also encourages people to avoid disposing biodegradable waste in landfills. You’ve been made to think that landfills are the safest place to direct all your home or office waste. But while this is partly true, fact of the matter is that some of that waste can be recycled or reused. And even when the non recyclable ends up in landfills, the methane produced can have disastrous consequences for Mother Nature in the long run. Methane is a notorious green house emission that has been cited in the current unfolding global warming phenomenon.
  • Lastly, we all have a duty and obligation to embrace recycling. Recycling is recommendable because it basically alleviates any pressure on the planet to produce new raw materials. Opt for a rubbish removal company that has high recycling rates; ask the company well in advance what their policy is towards recycling. Similarly, make a habit of buying recycled or shopping from stores that package with recyclable materials. We can all make a huge difference collectively by embracing recycling. On more cases, there are good benefits of recycling wastes in right way.

rubbish removal in london

In Conclusion:

Express waste removals is a leading waste collection company in London, we pride ourselves of offering professional and ethical services. Whether it is home waste removal or office clearance, you can always trust us to get the job done fast, affordably, and in accordance with all laws and regulations. Our recycling rates are some of the highest you’ll find with any company, and we don’t dump waste on the highways or in public lands.We as a company for waste removal london has total confidence in our services, we clear waste from  residential homes, offices, commercial buildings like restaurants, hotels, construction sites, and so on. Kindly get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to explain more about our services, and the affordable rates we charge.

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Rubbish Removal Company In London

London is home to numerous rubbish removal companies and each would want you to believe that they are the best. It becomes even trickier because rubbish removal is a unique exercise; you cannot judge how competent a company is until you have hired them. As a result, many people have learnt the hard way; you hasten to pick a rubbish removal company, hire them expecting them to do a nice job; only to be disappointed afterwards. Don’t follow suit, below we have compiled a detailed guide on how to pick the right rubbish removal company in London. One that will not fall short of your expectations in terms of service delivery;

  • Before you step out to look for an ideal rubbish removal company in London, take a moment to get facts right with the rubbish. Is your rubbish residential or commercial, how much of it is there to be cleared? Or have you just completed building and renovation a building, you’re now looking for a removal company? Knowing such is very important because it determines the kind of service provider you’ll look for.

  • Once you’ve determined the kind of rubbish and junk you want removed, then the next phase will be easier. It’s worth noting that most London rubbish removal companies offer several services under one roof. This means that a company can handle residential rubbish removal, then remove builders waste the next day, next week a commercial rubbish removal, and so on. This flexibility is necessitated by the realization that Londoners have different rubbish requirements.
  • The internet continues to be the best place to source for local rubbish removal companies in London. But if you wish, you could also seek for referrals from friends and family; ask them to suggest an ideal company for the task at hand. Back to the internet, the company’s site should give you an idea of their services and contacts. Watch their videos of their removal crews at work so as to gauge their suitability.
  • Next, make contact by either calling the company you’ve settled for, or sending them an email. Did they pick the phone and if not, have they made effort to call you back? If you send an email, is the response timely? Customer care matters very much when hiring a rubbish removal company. Mind you, there are times you are looking for urgent, same day services and don’t have the time to ask around for long. Other times you have a complaint or query you wish to communicate to the company and it’s not reachable then you’re doomed.
  • Once you’ve contacted the company you’ll now need to find out whether they are right for the job. Most rubbish removal companies in London will ask you to describe the kind of rubbish you have, and where you’re located. Once you give such details, they’ll most likely give you a free, no obligation quotes. That’s perfectly fine; just ensure that the company commits to honor their part when it comes to doing a great job.
  • As a tenant or property owner in London, it is important that you opt for a licensed waste carrier. Only then are you sure that the company is authorized to clear rubbish and junk, take it for disposal in designated landfills and recycling plants. If you seek commercial waste removal services, always ask whether the company offers Transfer Notes. These are meant to track the final destination of the rubbish cleared from your premises. Copies of the note should be kept safely in your files.

Rubbish removal in London field- Express Waste Removals

  • Seeing a man with a van doesn’t qualify that to be a waste removal company. If a company is hesitant to prove that it’s licensed and allowed to offer the removal services you seek, that’s a red alert. Luckily, most London companies will be only too willing to share such info with you so as to demonstrate that indeed they’re genuine.
  • Be on the lookout for strange and unforeseen charges that some unscrupulous companies tend to impose. These include parking and loading fees; a company will wait till they have done the job then slap you with exaggerated billing. Don’t pick such companies in the first place, ensure that you agree on the charges before the job at hand has started.

Looking for a professional and affordable rubbish removal company in London? One that has a reputation for satisfying clients and giving them value for their money? Then try Express Waste Removals, we are your caring and reliable partners for all kinds of rubbish removal in London. From home rubbish removal, office rubbish removal services, commercial and builder’s waste removal services; you need it done, we’ll get it done! We offer same day services and our customer care representatives are just a phone call away.

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