How To Deal With Business And Commercial Waste In London

Running a business in London and dealing with the waste produced is never as easy as many may think. You will need a waste removal company’s assistance to help manage your business and commercial waste. Mind you, the city has stringent laws that guide businesses and commercial premises on waste disposal.

Below is a detailed guide on how to deal with business and commercial waste in London;

Points to consider during disposal of commercial waste in London:

  • An agreement with an authorized London waste carrier
  • Do you possess a waste transfer card or note for the financial year at hand?
  • After waste collection, are the containers cleared from those footways ASAP?
  • Is your waste in designated collection containers?

In case your answers are NO to these questions or even one of these, then you risk infringing the law!  You’ll be held liable by the authorities and get fined, jailed, or both. So what do you do?

Adhere to the laws and regulations of Duty of Care

The entire law of ‘Duty of Care’ emanates from the 1990 Environmental Protection Act; it states that every organization should in their right power handle all commercial waste disposals appropriately. This means you must:

  • Ensure your waste is safe and sound

Business and Commercial WasteYes! It might seem like a junk of useless trash but you need to watch over your waste keenly. You’ll need to ascertain that the waste disposed is not toxic or hazardous to the environment.

Needless to say, your waste has to be properly packaged to avoi

d littering. Suitable containers are required to ensure that the waste doesn’t fall out.

You should not litter your business premises or the streets below during the collection and transportation of your commercial waste.

Dropping waste on the highway during transportation amounts to fly-tipping and this can lead to hefty fines and jail terms.

Consignment Note

This is an official document or note which contains written descriptions of your business waste. The consignment is also known as ‘waste transfer note’.

By UK law, you are obliged to produce a copy of the waste removal company that you are using.  Besides that, a copy should be kept in your records for about a year.

What about the perilous waste?

Deal With Commercial Business Waste

Some commercial wastes types are considered as hazardous or perilous, implying that they pose serious dangers to the environment as well as human health. If by chance you are not sure whether the waste you produce is toxic, you can inquire from Environmental Agency personnel from the council.

Each year, many businesses and commercial premises get fined by health inspectors for flouting the laid down waste management rules in London. Do not be caught up, Express Waste Removals is your professional waste removal company in the city. We are the real pros; our crews are thoroughly acquainted with handling all manner of business waste. We carefully sort what can be recycled from commercial wastes; we put the hazardous waste separately. Besides, our rates are super affordable and we charge you only for what we remove! Our business waste removal services include same-day services, meaning that we can come over at short notice. Seeing that businesses and commercial premises have busy schedules, we can arrange and come collect the waste in the evening after work. Your convenience is our command, talk to us now.


Health Hazards Caused by Improper Disposal of Pesticides

The use of pesticides by the UK population is on the rise with the latest reports showing an increase in among the farmers. While the use of pesticides has enabled considerable ease in pest management and ensured better yields, pesticides have adverse effects on humans, wildlife, and the environment.

To help curb the runaway effects, the Environment Agency has put in place rules and regulations on transportation and disposal of pesticide wastes.

How are people exposed to pesticides?

While pesticides are used on farms and gardens to improve crop production, the continued use seems to introduce a health risk to humans. Pesticides have artificial compounds that can remain in the environment for a long time. Some pesticides like organochlorine can stay on the surface 30 years after use, yet they had been banned. The remains in the environment expose humans and other living organisms to their effects. That explains why more people use pesticides, the higher the cases of effects.

Improper Disposal

There have been reports of the presence of pesticide residues in foods like grains, vegetables, fish, and milk. This means that foods are the other way humans get exposed to pesticides.

Pesticides can also present in water bodies. Most pesticides have polarity and solubility with water such that once they are applied in the fields; they can mix with runoff water and enter into the water bodies. The nearby agricultural activities determine the amounts of these chemicals in the aquatic systems.

Another way humans get exposed to pesticides is due to accidental release into the environment due to waste dumps, leaking pipes, spills, groundwater, and underground storage tanks. These accidents tend to release large amounts of pesticides in the environment that remain present for a long time.

An occupation where people are directly exposed to pesticides is dangerous to the workers.

Health Effects

At the moment, it is not a debate of if pesticides have health effects on humans anymore; instead, it is all about the extent. The results of the pesticides on humans and the environment have been recorded since 1962 in the environmental book Silent Spring. The acute decline of wildlife, wild bees, birds, and other aquatic life has been contributed to the continued prevalence of pesticides on the environment.

Pesticides also kill wildlife and birds by killing them indirectly. The presence of chemicals in the environment kills other insects that birds feed on — the same way the herbicides for controlling weeds kill other plants species used for food and shelter. In the end, the use of pesticides affects the whole ecosystem.

Apart from the animals, the effects of pesticides have been manifested in humans as well. There are two ways in which humans experience health effects;

  • Acute toxicity

This is a point where the harmful effects of pesticide exposure manifest within a short time. Generally around 48 hours.

Some of the conditions one can experience include; allergic sensitization, loss of consciousness, respiratory tract irritation, sore throat and cough, eye and skin irritation, and extreme weakness and seizures, and in some extreme conditions death.

More than 3 million cases of acute poisoning from pesticide exposure are reported annually, causing around 250 – 370,000 deaths every year.

  • Chronic toxicity

Long term toxicity is when it takes an extended period before the effects of the exposure to pesticides are realized. This is mostly due to the low level or gradual exposure.

Some of the conditions linked with chronic toxicity include hyperactivity disorder, attention deficit, and cancer, like non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, leukemia, and other types of solid tumor.

How to protect against the hazards

After confirming that improper disposal of pesticides can be hazardous to health, it is essential to raise a question. How do you protect from the probable health hazard?

Handling and disposing of pesticide wastes through the right channels. Simple, right?

Well, from how often the people in the UK keep getting exposed to the pesticide toxins, you might be forced to rethink if it is as simple. The truth is most people don’t have information on how to properly dispose of pesticide wastes. Most do not understand that they are hazardous chemicals that need special handling, unlike the regular wastes. Even pest elimination in London is well managed by professionals who avoid the usage of hazardous pesticides for pest control.

The best way to handle pesticide wastes by commercial and industrial scales users is to hire authorized waste disposal experts to help remove and clear the waste. For small scale users, they can easily access the several authorized hazard waste sites to either recycle or dispose of wastes.

Using an expert in disposing of is time-saving, cost-effective and reduces the probable health hazards caused by improper disposal of pesticides.

Improper disposing of pesticides has seen a rising case of health defects. While there is no way the use of pesticides can be eliminated from everyday life, those who handle them must be ready to follow the regulations and laws put in place for handling and disposition. This is the only way to keep humans, animals, and the environment from hazardous health effects.

What is Waste Management and Methods of Waste Disposal

When it comes to Waste Management, most think it is a complex process. It is good to understand what Waste Management is, the importance of proper waste management and what are some methods of waste disposal.

What is Waste Management?

Waste management is the collection, transportation and the disposal of all forms of waste such as garbage and other waste products including sewage. It is composed of all processes involved in collection of waste, proper transportation of waste and the best method of disposal for each category of waste. It factors in use of proper materials and methods of handling waste as well as compliance with health codes while considering environmental regulations.

The importance of waste management cannot be under estimated and every home owner, business owner and individual needs to be aware of what waste they have to be able to dispose of it in the best way. Improper waste disposal leads to air, water and soil pollution, doing great harm to our environment. By properly disposing waste we can conserves our environment and get rid of harmful materials properly while encouraging recycling and reuse of materials.

What are the methods of Waste Disposal in Waste Management?

Unlike in the olden days, people used to bury waste in a small hole in the outskirts of their homesteads or if need be, burnt it. These days, with all the complex materials we use in our day to day lives, this may not suffice to sufficiently dispose of all categories of waste.

Here are some of the main methods of waste disposal;

  1. Landfills

A landfill is a site allocated for the main purpose of disposing garbage. It is a big hole dug in the ground with the aim of dumping rubbish. Once full, the landfill is then covered. Currently, landfills are quickly reaching maximum capacity and this is why there is need for us to reduce our waste and start reusing and recycling waste as part of our daily routine. The challenge of landfills is that once some materials breakdown, harmful substances and chemicals are released into the soil and can harm the surrounding soil and environment for many years down the line. This is why most items selected for dumping in landfills is now restricted.

  1. Recovery and Recycling

Recovery of waste is where discarded items are converted into energy in the form of heat, fuel or electricity. Recycling is the process where waste materials are turned into new products to save on the energy and process of having to dispose of them. The advantage of recycling is mainly to reduce the size of landfills by making use of waste, save on energy that would have been used to dispose it to minimize the effect of greenhouse gases, land and water pollution

  1. Incineration

This is also known as combustion and it is a method disposal technique that involves burning of waste at very high temperatures. The advantage of incinerating waste is that it reduces waste by at least 30% which reduces greatly the volume of waste unlike landfills. This is an ideal method of disposing solid waste in some countries and through this, the waste can be converted into gas, steam and heat.

  1. Composting

Composting is the process of taking garden, kitchen and plant remains and turning it into a nutrient rich material for compost. This waste is left to sit in one place for months and microbes turn it into compost which can be used for providing plants with vital nutrients.

  1. Plasma Gasification

This is a relatively new types of waste disposal where organic matter is turned into a synthetic gas by use of a plasma torch. It is still in the early stages of development and one main advantage of this method is that there is almost no waste product left behind.

  1. Energy Recovery

This is the process of turning waste that cannot be recycled into electricity, fuel or heat, turning it into a renewable energy source.

  1. Reducing

This process is where we all work to reduce the amount of waste we create. This combined effort will help eliminate the need for waste disposal and lead to a better, cleaner environment.



Waste management is important for the preservation of our environment

Characteristics of a Good Rubbish Removal Firm

When it comes to clearing rubbish, it is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed, especially when you have just moved house or when you have huge loads of rubbish to get rid of. Clearing and disposing of garbage is a daunting task for most people and this is understandable.

When it comes to clearing rubbish from a massive area such as a construction site, this task takes on a life of its own due to the sheer size and volume of the builders rubbish collection. This is where a rubbish removal company comes in.

They can handle whatever rubbish you have irrespective of the nature, volume or location of the load with no hassle at all. So, whether you are looking for a company to ensure your home and office is garbage-free; or whether you have a building or construction site you would like cleared, a rubbish removal firm can sort out all your rubbish disposal needs.

What characteristics should you look out for in a good rubbish removal firm?

Characteristics should you look out for in a good rubbish removal firm

  • Clear agreements – Look for a rubbish removal company that has everything in writing and all terms are clear. It is important that you pay for exactly what you’re getting. Look out for hidden fees like landfill or congestion fees. Some companies are quick to share a low quote initially only for the invoice to come to a much higher cost than quoted. Look for a company that openly shares their terms and has no hidden fees to avoid paying much more than discussed.
  • They ask the right question first – A good rubbish removal firm will find out what type of waste you have to know what to expect in terms of man power and equipment. It would be disappointing to only see one person arriving at your premise with the wrong equipment to haul away huge loads of garbage that could end up taking all day rather than a few hours. A good rubbish removal firm will initially ask what kind of rubbish you have, how much and how heavy it is to have an idea of what equipment they should come with and what manpower to assign to the task to be able to work swiftly and effectively.
  • Work within your timing – We have busy schedules and there’s nothing more irritating than having to cancel one appointment because the rubbish removal company arrived late and they are taking their sweet time doing the task at hand. A good rubbish removal company will discuss what the best time is for you and they will make a point of making it to your premise in good time. Upon arrival, if they estimate the removal process might take longer than anticipated, they will advice you on this and you can decide how to handle this in good time without any inconvenience.
  • Trust worthy – When it comes to our personal or working space, we all hope that anyone who comes into this space will treat it well. Look out for a company that has a record of being professional, careful handling items and can also be trusted in your home or business premise. You also want to be assured that nothing will go missing when you ask the company to come to collect rubbish, so look for a company that is known for their professionalism and can be trusted.
  • Great reviews and track record – Any company dedicated to doing a good job will have great referrals and reviews. Whether on their website or on social media, you can be sure to see loads of happy and satisfied customers sharing their testimonials. You can also ask family and friends for referrals because they already have the first-hand experience of dealing with different companies and they can recommend the one that worked best for them. Find out about their customer service, their efficiency, pricing and more before making a choice.
  • Environment friendly – Choose a company that is keen on preserving the environment. Look out for one that has eco-friendly practices and uses proper disposal methods.


With these tips, you’re well on your way to choosing the ideal rubbish removal firm best suited for you.

4 Reasons for Appointing Rubbish Removal Services in UK

We all create rubbish in one form or the other; whether from our home or offices. It is part of our everyday existence. When we work, clean or cook, we tend to end up with materials that need to be disposed of. With this in mind, we need a way to get rid of this rubbish in the most effective way. This is where Rubbish Removal Services come in; to help you get rid of rubbish in the best possible way. They handle everything from collection, transportation and disposal at a small fee, making your life easier and stress free.


Here are 4 main reasons you should appoint a Rubbish Removal Service in UK;

Hire Waste removal services uk

  1. They dispose waste responsibly – Rubbish removal companies have the knowledge and expertise in disposing different kinds of waste. This means that they know how to handle and dispose of waste in an environment friendly and hygienic way. They offer professional services for home owners and businesses and you can be sure that your waste is being disposed off in a responsible way in accordance to environmental regulations and health compliance. Another factor to consider is what rubbish to dispose where. Rubbish services know how to handle different sorts of rubbish. If you have any old chemicals, or any potentially harmful materials they know how best to dispose of this. They also know what is best suited for the land fill, what can be incinerated and what can be recycled. This ensures that your waste is treated in the most effective manner to help make awareness on the importance of waste management effective.
  2. It is cost and time effective – You might think that it is easier to dispose rubbish on your own. Yet, the cost of driving to and from the dump could end up being more expensive than you thought. Without the right transportation vehicle, you might incur higher fuel costs and to add on, you might need to have your car washed after every trip! This increases your expenses and might end up costing more than you budgeted for. Factoring in the time it will take to load the rubbish, drop it off and back, have the car washed will be a time intensive process and you’d rather save time by delegating this task to a rubbish removal company. Paying a small fee to have your rubbish collected from your precise location, transported and properly disposed off is definitely worth the cost in terms of time, money and thAppoint Waste removal services company uke effort of having to haul the load all on your own.
  3. Keep your safety in mind – If you have huge loads of rubbish to get rid of then the best option would be to let the professionals handle it for you. You can trust at least 2 people to be able to carry the load in a safe way, without damaging any property or without you hurting yourself in the process. Its easy to under estimate the effect heavy loads have on your backs, knees and joints and it is safer to let a rubbish removal team handle all your waste removal needs, irrespective of size or weight. Prevention is better than cure; you’d rather err on the safe side to prevent any unnecessary visits to the hospital.
  4. Abide by the law – It is easier to deal with a company that has met all the requirements needed to collect, transport and dispose of waste. Doing this on your own would mean you would need to know the ins and outs of what you need to dispose, where to dispose it and it may end up being a longer and more tiresome process than expected.


Hiring a Rubbish Removal Service in UK will save you time, effort, and the trouble of disposing your waste and they will do it in a professional and timely manner, making it very convenient for you.

Role of Rubbish Removal Companies In House Waste Clearance

Role of Rubbish Removal Companies In House Waste Clearance

Over 1 million tonnes of waste is generated each year across the UK. A huge chunk of this waste comprises of home and domestic waste. The role that rubbish removal companies play in helping keep our environment clean and tidy is huge.  Although some home owners prefer the local councils for their rubbish removal, removal companies are always a more reliable option. They’re more efficient, more reliable, better value for your money. If you’re looking for a professional house waste removal company in the UK, here’s what you’ll need to know;

  • Always on time; house waste has to be cleared well on time to prevent any bad stenches and odors within your home. Even removing it from your main house to the bins outside is only a temporary solution; foxes, rodents, bears, raccoons, feral pets and many other pests are attracted by waste. The best thing is to have a reliable company that shows up on time, and regularly. This is exactly what rubbish removal companies do, they ensure that your domestic waste is collected immediately you feel there’s need to do so.
  • More flexibility and convenience; rubbish removal companies offer you more flexibility and convenience. The ordinary home owner today has a busy schedule and they may not be available during the ordinary working hours. As such, rubbish removal companies offer their services at any time and day that suits you. This includes on weekends and public holiday. Skip hire services don’t allow you to throw in fluorescent bulbs, paint, electrical waste, tyres, and so on. Yet, there are times you’ll need paint and electrical appliances during home renovations. Only a rubbish removal company gives you the flexibility to dump all types of waste in the bin for disposal.

House waste removal companies

  • Well equipped; rubbish removal companies are well equipped to handle all manner of house clearance tasks. This includes junk removal, decluterring, and removal of bulky waste. You can never go wrong with a rubbish removal company. Their crews are well trained and properly equipped to remove home waste in a safe and efficient manner. From the ordinary kitchen waste, garden waste collection, home repair and renovation waste, junk, and so much more; rubbish removal companies are best equipped for such.
  • Cleaner environment; we all have a collective responsibility to keep the environment clean. Rubbish removal companies are a key cog in this task; they help rid your home of all waste and rubbish. The waste is then disposed of in an eco friendly manner. Without the services of these removal companies, we’d all face a mammoth task of managing our waste. Diseases, pests, and pollution are just some of the top consequences of poor waste management. Thus, rubbish removal companies help keep the environment clean and tidy.

London is home to many rubbish removal companies. It’s important that you pick a reputable company that will handle all your waste effectively, affordably, and in an eco friendly manner. Express Waste Removal is one such example; we pride ourselves of being a leading rubbish removal company in London. We handle all manner of domestic waste and most of it will end up in recycling plants. We attach great importance to offering eco friendly services.

You’ll be pleased to note that we are one of the few rubbish removal companies that have attained over 80% recycling rates.  You can never go wrong with our services; we’ll are providing house waste clearance service effectively regardless of the amount involved.

Feel free to speak to us any time for a free no obligation quote. Get to us via 020 8099 9819.

How To Do Professional Office Waste Clearance In London?

Are you an office owner or manager in London? Or do you work in an office within London? Well, I got news for you! Each year, over 80.6 milliones tonnes of office waste is generated annually across the UK. This comprises of about 24% of the entire waste we generate as a country. The interesting thing is this; despite 70% of office waste being recyclable, only a small portion of this waste ends up in recycling plants. The rest is carelessly thrown in bins and dumped in landfills. Here at Express Waste Removals, we always emphasis on the importance of combining office waste clearance with eco friendly practices.

It’s not enough that a rubbish removal company has cleared your office of all waste and rubbish. Where is the waste taken from there? Office owners and workers ought to ensure that all their office waste is removed and disposed of in an eco friendly manner.

Check out this guide on how to do proper office waste clearance in London;

  1. First and foremost, sensitize those working in the offices on the importance of embracing eco friendly practices. Office workers are the first line of defense when it comes to effective waste management. Educate them on the need for generating less waste and putting recyclable waste in a different bin. Polythene bags, plastic bottles; these can be minimized by the office employees carrying their own water, food, and bags. Generating less waste makes the office tidier and lowers your waste collection bills.
  2. Sorting office waste; 45% of the papers printed in offices end up in the trash bins by the end of the day. Offices are gradually migrating to paperless transactions, thanks to the advent of computers. But even as such, papers and printing materials are all recyclable. In order to avoid such ending up in landfills, office workers ought to sort their waste before throwing it at the nearest bin. By working with professional rubbish removal company, offices can have different bins located strategically. Recyclable waste can be thrown into one bin, while other unrecyclable rubbish is put in another. This makes things easier for the Removal Company and increases the likelihood that whatever can be recycled will end up in recycling plants.
  3. Regular waste clearance; an average adult person spends more time at work, than at home. It has been proven again and again that a clean, tidy working space helps increase productivity. Make arrangements with your rubbish removal company to have your rubbish bins emptied as frequently as needed. The waste may be removed daily, bi weekly, or weekly depending on how much is being generated. The last thing you want is customers and clients being met by the subtle stench of office waste. Even where there’s no stench, the sight of an overflowing office bin is quite a turn off.
  4. Cleaning up; a responsible rubbish removal company ensures that they clean up before taking the waste away for disposal. Bins have to be cleaned and disinfected or better still, replaced with fresh ones during every clearance. The floor, corridors and driveway should also be cleaned up to ensure no traces of waste and rubbish are left behind.

office wastes
Express Waste Removal is a leading office waste removal company in London. Our crews are well qualified and equipped to handle all types and amounts of office waste. Talk to us today for all your waste removal needs in London.

We’re polite and courteous, always working quietly to ensure that our presence doesn’t interrupt the activities of your office.  100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Proper Disposal of Wastes from Garden

Finding the perfect garden garbage collectors here in London can be tiresome. Garden waste collection needs to be handled by a company that has many years of experience. Garden waste, being one of the unique wastes, needs to be handled with expertise since it can cause both positive and negative effects on the environment. Recycling Garden wastes to form mulch or compost used as soil conditioners, building humus and adding valuable nutrients to the soil, would be of great importance both to the garden owner and the environment.

The risks involved in illegal dumping of Garden waste are profoundly big;

Proper Disposal of Wastes from Garden

  • The waste might contain plant parts and seeds that may grow; invasion of exotic plant that may grow to cause a threat to the biodiversity. Native plants and animals may pose a threat of vulnerability to lack of food, disruption of the animal-plant relationship and also a replacement of other species to contain all the native species.
  • Increase fire fuel loads; Garden waste eventually gets dry and adds fuel to the already fallen debris making it easy for an accidental fire to thrive and spread fast. This might have regrettable consequences if an accidental fire occurs.
  • Accrued economic cost; illegal dumping of garden waste might cause weed spread that could be costly for those trying to eliminate it. Fire outbreaks results in loss of vegetation, loss of both animal and human lives that will be costly to rejuvenate.
  • Waterway quality; dumping of green garden waste can block water drainage system which affects water quality and affects the aquatic life. Dumping may block waterways that may result in drainage blockage, resulting in flooding.

There are better and efficient ways a company that collects garden waste should present itself. Here is what you need to know;

  1. Availability and on time; a good garden waste removal company should be able to offer prompt services. Determine if the company you are hiring can cater for your junk collection in a manner that you will be satisfied with. Here at Express Waste Removal, we offer emergency waste removal services, our crews can be dispatched to your garden in an hour or two.
  2. Well equipped; a rubbish collecting company that is well equipped guarantees you best service that you really want. Garden waste collection requires manpower with skills of handling the waste in a positive manner to the environment.
  3. Recycling the waste; consider hiring a company that will properly use the garden wastes into the productivity of the environment to make humus. An environmentally friendly company should compost the plant materials to form mulch for soil aeration and fertility.
  4. Cost; cost is a major factor to consider while choosing a company that fits and is flexible to your budget. Ensure the company you hire offers the services you really want and they are flexible to your demands.

Garden Waste Collection and Disposal
Finally, consider choosing a company that is pocket-friendly before making the final call for hire. Give priority to a company that fully understands the importance of eco-friendly handling of garden waste.  At Express Waste Removal, we are reliable and almost 95% of all your garden waste will end up being recycled. The branches and bushes we trim can be used for mulching in summer; it can be split into chips you can use to light bonfires. Very little really goes to waste. Feel free to give us a call today for a free no obligation quote. Like aforementioned, our garden waste removal crews are professional and will observe the utmost care so as not to harm your plants.

The Importance of Regular Rubbish Removal

There are a thousand and one reasons why you should have your rubbish removed regularly. It doesn’t matter whether the waste comprises of domestic waste, office waste, commercial waste, or whatever. All waste poses a clear and present health hazard to those living around.

  • According to a recent bulletin released by RSPCA, around 5,000 calls are made each year all relating to littering and fly tipping. Unfortunately, the greatest victims of littering are our very own pets, and wildlife.
  • Tens or hundreds of pets get injured annually by shards of glass and rusty nails thrown carelessly in the garden. Animals can also easily put their heads inside plastic bags and suffocate. Others will eat and ingest plastic bags, which can have serious health implications.
  • Whatever the case, you have a responsibility as the home owner to ensure that your waste is cleared regularly, and disposed of in a safe manner.

Importance of Rubbish Disposal

  • There’s no better way to manage your rubbish effectively that partnering with a rubbish removal company. A professional rubbish removal company like express waste removals will ensure that all your rubbish is collected on time, and disposed of in an eco friendly manner.
  • The truth of the matter is that most of the waste generated in homes, offices, gardens, and construction sites is all recyclable. Dumping recyclable items in a landfill can have far reaching health effects to those living around.
  • The British Medical Bulletin has found time and again that people living near landfills are more likely to suffer some health problems like low birth weight. E-waste, polythene bags, paint containers and asbestos; these should never be dumped in landfills or worse, incinerated. The fumes they emit are harmful; some studies have found that they emit cancer causing smoke.
  • Some of the most common benefits of regular rubbish removal include good health, living in a clean, tidy environment, increased productivity, and peace of mind.
  • A dirty, cluttered space is a turn off, no one really looks forward to going to a home or office with overflowing bins. A rubbish removal company will ensure that such bins are emptied on time.
  • It’s not enough to empty the bins inside your home and dump all the waste in a larger bin outside the house; this only serves to attract flies, rodents, scavengers, and the likes.
  • Flies can transmit serious diseases like Trachoma, cholera and typhoid. Rodents and scavengers like raccoons can easily infect your pets with rabies. Even the fleas dropped by these scavengers can be detrimental to the health of your pet.

Express Waste Removal is the leading rubbish removal company in London; we pride ourselves of being your reliable and affordable waste management partner. Our rubbish removal crews are professional and courteous; you can always count on them for all removal tasks. We do residential waste removals, garden waste removal, office removal, as well as building and construction waste removal. You need it removed, we’ll do it removed. Our prices are affordable and we charge you only for what we collect. No hidden charges, no monkey business; your satisfaction is our ultimate pleasure.

Call us today or drop us an email, we’d be very humbled to work for you. Let our rubbish removal work speak for itself; learn why hundreds of clients hire us each year. Feel free to send us photos of the rubbish you want removed and we’ll advice on the best way forward. We will also give you a free, no obligation quote, on phone.

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