The Importance of Regular Rubbish Removal

There are a thousand and one reasons why you should have your rubbish removed regularly. It doesn’t matter whether the waste comprises of domestic waste, office waste, commercial waste, or whatever. All waste poses a clear and present health hazard to those living around.

  • According to a recent bulletin released by RSPCA, around 5,000 calls are made each year all relating to littering and fly tipping. Unfortunately, the greatest victims of littering are our very own pets, and wildlife.
  • Tens or hundreds of pets get injured annually by shards of glass and rusty nails thrown carelessly in the garden. Animals can also easily put their heads inside plastic bags and suffocate. Others will eat and ingest plastic bags, which can have serious health implications.
  • Whatever the case, you have a responsibility as the home owner to ensure that your waste is cleared regularly, and disposed of in a safe manner.

Importance of Rubbish Disposal

  • There’s no better way to manage your rubbish effectively that partnering with a rubbish removal company. A professional rubbish removal company like express waste removals will ensure that all your rubbish is collected on time, and disposed of in an eco friendly manner.
  • The truth of the matter is that most of the waste generated in homes, offices, gardens, and construction sites is all recyclable. Dumping recyclable items in a landfill can have far reaching health effects to those living around.
  • The British Medical Bulletin has found time and again that people living near landfills are more likely to suffer some health problems like low birth weight. E-waste, polythene bags, paint containers and asbestos; these should never be dumped in landfills or worse, incinerated. The fumes they emit are harmful; some studies have found that they emit cancer causing smoke.
  • Some of the most common benefits of regular rubbish removal include good health, living in a clean, tidy environment, increased productivity, and peace of mind.
  • A dirty, cluttered space is a turn off, no one really looks forward to going to a home or office with overflowing bins. A rubbish removal company will ensure that such bins are emptied on time.
  • It’s not enough to empty the bins inside your home and dump all the waste in a larger bin outside the house; this only serves to attract flies, rodents, scavengers, and the likes.
  • Flies can transmit serious diseases like Trachoma, cholera and typhoid. Rodents and scavengers like raccoons can easily infect your pets with rabies. Even the fleas dropped by these scavengers can be detrimental to the health of your pet.

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