How To Deal With Business And Commercial Waste In London

Running a business in London and dealing with the waste produced is never as easy as many may think. You will need a waste removal company’s assistance to help manage your business and commercial waste. Mind you, the city has stringent laws that guide businesses and commercial premises on waste disposal.

Below is a detailed guide on how to deal with business and commercial waste in London;

Points to consider during disposal of commercial waste in London:

  • An agreement with an authorized London waste carrier
  • Do you possess a waste transfer card or note for the financial year at hand?
  • After waste collection, are the containers cleared from those footways ASAP?
  • Is your waste in designated collection containers?

In case your answers are NO to these questions or even one of these, then you risk infringing the law!  You’ll be held liable by the authorities and get fined, jailed, or both. So what do you do?

Adhere to the laws and regulations of Duty of Care

The entire law of ‘Duty of Care’ emanates from the 1990 Environmental Protection Act; it states that every organization should in their right power handle all commercial waste disposals appropriately. This means you must:

  • Ensure your waste is safe and sound

Business and Commercial WasteYes! It might seem like a junk of useless trash but you need to watch over your waste keenly. You’ll need to ascertain that the waste disposed is not toxic or hazardous to the environment.

Needless to say, your waste has to be properly packaged to avoi

d littering. Suitable containers are required to ensure that the waste doesn’t fall out.

You should not litter your business premises or the streets below during the collection and transportation of your commercial waste.

Dropping waste on the highway during transportation amounts to fly-tipping and this can lead to hefty fines and jail terms.

Consignment Note

This is an official document or note which contains written descriptions of your business waste. The consignment is also known as ‘waste transfer note’.

By UK law, you are obliged to produce a copy of the waste removal company that you are using.  Besides that, a copy should be kept in your records for about a year.

What about the perilous waste?

Deal With Commercial Business Waste

Some commercial wastes types are considered as hazardous or perilous, implying that they pose serious dangers to the environment as well as human health. If by chance you are not sure whether the waste you produce is toxic, you can inquire from Environmental Agency personnel from the council.

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