Top 5 Recycling Facts To Consider For Your Rubbish Clearance

There are still many people who feel that recycling is not an important matter, despite all the protests and summits to bring about a change in the climate change crisis such as COP26 which is hosted by the UK in Glasgow this November.

Here are some quick facts that will make you think twice about the importance of recycling your household rubbish for this planet.

  • Fact #1: If all the aluminum cans were recycled in the United Kingdom, there will be a reduction in the number of dustbins by around 14 million.
  • Fact #2: Every year, 275,000 tonnes of plastic and around 15 million bottles per day are used in the UK. Even though glass takes 4000 years to decompose, it is 100% recyclable and can be used again and again.
  • Fact #3: A recycled tin saves up a lot of energy, which would be enough to run a TV for about three hours. Recycled glass saves up energy that would be enough to run a computer for half an hour. Also, a recycled plastic bottle saves up energy that could power a 60-watt lightbulb for three hours.
  • Fact #4: Recycling 10,000 tonnes of waste would decrease the lack of employment. If you are burning waste, it would only provide 6 jobs, but if you recycle it, it will create 36 jobs at the recycling plant.
  • Fact #5: An average person generates rubbish worth their body weight every 7 weeks, so considering the whole year, it would be 7 times that person’s body weight.

Separating And Storing Waste

While separating waste materials, you should divide them into different types of junk such as paper and cardboard, plastics, metals, etc. for storage, transport, and recycling. While recycling these materials, you should make sure that they are in sealed, labeled containers.

You should check if you require special permission or exemptions while sending your waste for disposal or recycling, but a trusted same-day rubbish removal company will have it. For Service Contact – 020 8099 9819

From start to end, you are responsible for the waste that you produce. You should take action if you feel that your waste is not being recycled or disposed of properly. You must segregate, store, and transport your waste in such a way that it does not harm you or the people surrounding you. The waste is to be handled and transported by people who have the right to do the same.

It is important to have a waste journal. Writing the things that you have transferred is essential as it helps you to analyze and reduce waste.


Check If You Have Hazardous/Special Waste

Special wastes are those which can be harmful to both human health and the environment. The UK government has strict laws for recycling these hazardous substances. Hazardous waste normally comes from either e-waste or health-related and medical items.

Examples of this hazardous waste include:

  • Fluorescent light tubes and energy-saving light bulbs.
  • Solvents such as aerosols
  • chemicals, e.g., brake fluid, and printer toner
  • Oils (except edible oils). For e.g., engine oil.
  • Asbestos
  • Vehicle batteries and other lead-acid batteries
  • Pesticides
  • Electrical equipment with potentially harmful components such as cathode ray tubes. For e.g., computer monitors and televisions.
  • Refrigerators containing CFCs

Hazardous Special Waste For Recycling

Prevent Pollution During Storage And Transport

Take steps to prevent pollution by controlling:

  • Leaks from waste processing machinery, for example, hydraulic oils from waste compactors.
  • Wind-blown litter
  • Waste escaping during transport
  • Leaks from storage containers and tanks

Storing certain items can contaminate your surroundings. Once this happens, you will have to pay the clean-up costs. This goes for leaked batteries, poorly handled fluorescent tubes, printer toners, and other items. So be sure to get such polluting junk removed quickly.

Storing & Managing Waste

Waste should be stored in areas where it won’t contaminate the surroundings, and it should be isolated from the surface water draining system. It is better if you color-code your waste: red for hazardous waste and green for glass for example.

Make sure you have segregated the hazardous waste.

Compacting Waste

Use a baler or compactor to crush material into blocks or bales. This is useful for larger amounts and can help you to transport large volumes in just one go! This will help in saving a lot of money.

If you do compact your waste, keep the following in mind:

  • All the waste containers should be cleaned and drained, e.g., drums, plastic bottles, and cartons.
  • The papers and cards should be dried. This is to prevent pollution run-off from the compactor.
  • To prevent pollution, you should separate the area around the compactor from the surface water drains.

Compacting Waste Before Recycle
For using both the baler or compactor machines, you should get permission from the waste management authorities. For getting more information, contact the environmental regulator.

The three most common types of recyclable plastic are:

  • polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
  • high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

So, make sure to check if they can be sent off for recycling.

Every step is useful for making the world a better place to live for the next generation. So, after reading this, make sure you segregate your waste and teach those around you who don’t do the same.

How Express Waste Removals Can Help With Recycling E-Waste In Your Kitchen?

If one is considering getting rid of their old white goods in the kitchen such as their fridge freezer or oven, then the Express Waste Removal Services are a good option.

The services include collecting and loading, transporting, and recycling heavy, bulky items in London, ranging from small items to large electronic appliances.

Companies like Express Waste Removals are skilled and trained at effective WEEE recycling, and many households don’t recycle electronic appliances and send them to landfills due to a lack of awareness. This brings up the question, what does WEEE stand for and why is it important?

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. The WEEE items within one’s kitchen can include items such as ovens and microwaves, or white goods such as dishwashers.

Sorting through waste can be an extremely exhausting task, and this is where services like Express Waste Removals come in. All one needs to do is let the company know the weight and volume of the items that need to be picked up, and a team of professionals who know how to deal with e-waste and WEEE items will come by one’s house to do the job.

Express Waste Removals services are not only well informed about how to deal with hazardous materials such as arsenic, mercury, and lead, but they also comply with the recycling laws while disposing or recycling these WEEE items.

How Kitchen E-Waste Is Recycled Within The UK?

  1. Kitchen Items In Working Condition Are Sold Online Or DonatedElectronic Waste Disposal

The electronic waste disposal in London of white goods such as dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, and even fridges can all be recycled in two ways – either by reselling them to their respective companies if they are in good workable condition or selling them online.

  1. Malfunctioning Cooling/Heating Appliances Are Sent To Ammonia Extractors

Most heating and cooling appliances contain ammonia within them, such as fridges. So, if they are not in good working condition, they need to be sent to ammonia extractors to remove all the fluids before sending them away to charity, donations, or second-hand sales.

  1. Ask Your Retailer Or Local Government For Recycling Kitchen E-Waste

In the UK, retailers and the local authorities can be contacted for WEEE recycling within one’s area. But a rubbish removal company can decrease this headache and do this for you easily. Electronic waste disposal in London can be carried out through Express Waste Removals services. These services can contact the retailer for you and get the item recycled through product exchanges easily.

So now that the WEEE treatments for bulky items recycling in London have been discussed, it only seems right to discuss why one should consider hiring Express Waste Removals services.


Advantages Of Hiring Rubbish Removal Agency For Bulky & E-Waste Item Recycling:

  1. No Manual Labor Is Required By The Customer

Because there are professionals sent to collect the waste for you, no manual labor has to be done by the customer at all. The customer just needs to pay for the clearance service and all the work will be done for them. However, for fridges and freezer customers will have to ensure that they are defrosted and contain no liquids before collection.

  1. Different Sizes of Van Services with Van And Man Services

Because electronic waste disposal in London can vary from house to house, different types of vehicles are required depending on the amount and size of e-waste that needs to be collected. All the payments that need to be made are explained upfront and no additional charges are levied by the company after they have collected the rubbish with their most efficient and speedy man and van services.

E Wastes in Kitchen

  1. Same Day Waste Removal Services

One of the main advantages of hiring the express rubbish removal service is the same-day waste collection service it provides. With just one click, you can book an appointment for the fast same-day waste collection in case you are trying to meet a moving deadline.

  1. Available Seven Days A Week

Not every customer’s schedule is flexible. So, to provide convenience to all, the services are available 7 days a week. Waste collection can be scheduled any day without interrupting one’s schedule.

  1. Affordable Pricing

The pricing for these clearance services is kept low. This allows not only the customer to get the most of the service but it allows more affordable bulky item recycling in London. Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation for both the customer and the environment, since these services comply with the laws regarding WEEE recycling and one can rest assured that their e-waste will be disposed of in the most eco-friendly manner.



These services are not only well informed about how to deal with hazardous materials found in e-waste items such as fridges or ovens, but they also follow the laws that need to be complied with while disposing or recycling these WEEE items. Therefore, hiring competent expert waste removal services is beneficial not just for customers trying to reduce waste effectively, but also for the environment. Most of the clearance services clearly state what areas they cover on their websites. But Express Waste Removal services, especially, tend to cover the whole of London.

For Electronic Waste Removal or Disposal at Your Place in London – Contact 020 8099 9819

9 Top Natural & Homemade Weed Killers For your garden

Are you trying to grow fruit and veg in your garden, but weeds are creeping up everywhere? or are you simply trying to keep your backyard neat with sustainable methods?

Then you should know that it is much easier and environmentally friendly to treat your garden with homemade weed killers. Many eco-friendly methods of weed control will also enhance the beauty of your garden, making it a garden to be proud of.

And should you require support with removing all hedge clippings, grass cuttings, weeds, leaves, turf, and litter to the nearest recycling center, the garden clearance experts at Express Waste Removals can lend a helping hand.

So, give these eco-friendly natural DIY weed killers a go and improve your outdoor space.



Landscape fabrics create a physical barrier that prevents weeds from germinating and sprouting. Many weed control barriers are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, for example, made of linen or wool. So, you don’t have to worry about the impact on the environment. Installing landscape fabrics can be used along with mulch to keep annual and perennial weeds at bay. This type of weed control is best suited for growing perennial garden plants. Not only will landscape fabrics eliminate the use of harmful weedkilling spray, but you’ll also have less work in your yard.


2. Mulch

Mulch is one of the best natural methods of weed control that does not use harmful weed killers. Organic mulch such as bark chips or wood chips form a protective layer on the soil that helps to block out light and thus suppress the growth of weeds. You can also mulch around landscape trees to enhance their appearance. Mulch also promotes soil health and protects plants in winter. For example, organic mulch breaks down and slowly releases nutrients to the soil, just as organic food waste aka compost does. Mulching flower beds also prevents moisture from evaporating on hot summer days. In winter, mulch isolates the soil and protects perennial plants from cold and frost.

3. Trowel

For some types of stubborn weeds — think dandelions, dock, and other taproot weeds — digging up by hand is an effective method. If you eradicate annoying weeds by removing the root, you will permanently remove the unwanted weeds. This, of course, involves a little work, but you will have the satisfaction of enjoying a weed-free garden landscape. To facilitate weeding, thoroughly water the area of the garden or lawn where you want to remove weeds. The moist soil is easier to work with and dig. Then dig around the weeds and carefully loosen them from the ground. Be careful not to break the roots. If a root breaks off, make sure you dig it up. Otherwise, the weeds will return.


4.   EDGES

Create a physical barrier to prevent weeds from spreading and sprouting. An edge of wood, stone or recycled plastic at least 15 cm deep prevents weed roots from spreading underground. If the edge is a few centimeters above the ground, it can also prevent weeds from getting over the surface. Edges also have another advantage for your garden. Use edges around flower beds, along paths, or to separate parts of your garden to improve the appearance. Since edges require less weeding, you’ll have more time to enjoy your garden landscape.


Planting groundcover plants is one of the best eco-friendly ways to keep weeds out for good. Many creeping ground plants are perfect for full sun, and there are ground covers for shady areas.  Perennial ground covers prevent light, which means weeds can’t sprout and grow.

Another benefit of planting groundcover plants to permanently remove weeds is that they are low maintenance. So, you get beautiful flowering plants that form a color blanket without weeds or hard work.

6.   Grow LAWN GRASS

Let the grass grow higher to prevent crabgrass, dandelions, or other pesky weeds from taking root in your lush, green lawn. If you mow your lawn grass too short, annoying weeds can grow and affect the appearance of your lawn. Although you want your lawn to look like a green golf course, you’re only promoting weeds. The ideal height for grass growth depends on the type of lawn grass.  This can have a length of 2.5 to 7.5 cm. You may also need to remove dandelions or crabgrass first for mowing techniques to be effective for natural weed control.


In a garden landscape, everything revolves around the “survival of the fittest”. Very often, the best way to get rid of weeds in a non-toxic and natural way is to grow robust, hardy plants. Plants with a bushy nature can block sunlight to prevent the growth of weeds. Or you can use dense planting techniques so that weeds don’t have room to germinate.

8.   Newspaper & Cardboard

Planting groundcover plants

Using newspaper or cardboard is an environmentally friendly way to kill weeds. You can apply a layer of newspaper to low-growing weeds such as crabgrass or clover as a DIY method of weed control. Newspaper is made of organic materials and cuts out light and eventually kills the weeds. You can also use newspaper or cardboard as safe and environmentally friendly landscape fabric. A word of caution: use only black and white newspapers without colors. The same applies to cardboard. Do not use cardboard that has been treated with chemicals.


Use corn gluten flour on lawns to prevent weeds from appearing and affecting their appearance. Corn gluten prevents weed seeds from rooting after germination. When used correctly, corn gluten flour can prevent crabgrass from taking over your beautiful lawn. The other advantage of corn gluten is that it contains nitrogen. This beneficial nutrient feeds your lawn to promote healthy growth.

Homemade Weed Killers are the way forward

If you know how to make and use homemade, natural weed killers, you can maintain an organic beautiful garden. Safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly weed killers eliminate the need to use potentially harmful chemicals. By using eco-friendly methods of weed control, the number of weeds in your garden can be significantly reduced while you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Zero-Waste Challenge for London Families: Tips to Protect The Environment and Your Wallet

There is a common misconception that living eco-friendly is a more expensive lifestyle and we want to show you that it is the exact opposite!

We know that the pandemic has hit many London families hard and we want to support you by reducing your waste while saving money. Make the effort to create change now and it will eventually seem like second nature. The most important thing is trying your best and involving your children in order to instil a lifelong interest in protecting their planet, because at Express Waste Removals they only use environmentally friendly waste disposal methods.

Here are some things you can do:

Make a Weekly Meal Plan

A great way to make sure you don’t waste any food is to plan your meals each week. Get the whole family involved and ask what they’d like for every meal in the day such as breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks and only buy exactly what is needed. Knowing exactly what to order or buy in the shop is key to not overspending and wasting food unnecessarily.  So, hold everyone in your household accountable for reducing your waste and cost.

Use more non-disposable Products

Single use products are one of the biggest contributors to landfills and pollution, which is a huge shame as non-disposable alternatives are almost always available and more affordable often! Picture how many disposable nappies, wipes and cloths you would go through in a single day with just one baby. Buying reusable nappies and baby washcloths that you can be used over and over will save you money and generate less rubbish. Invest in reusable cotton wool pads that you wash and bamboo earbuds. Replace your cling film and foil with stretchy lids and reusable oven liners. It really doesn’t take long at all to find fantastic alternatives that will last for years and save you massive amounts of money in the long run. And for the household waste that is still left over consider recycling or get Express Waste Removals involved to help out with that.

Make smarter Food Choices

local-food-shopping-to-save-money-and-reduce-packagingReducing the amount of meat and fish you eat as a family will reduce the cost of your weekly food shop, help the environment and also improve your family’s health. Pick healthier and more affordable sources of protein like chickpeas, beans, lentils, tofu, soya and peas, which can be bought in bulk and are much cheaper than meat or seafoods. You can also access these easily at many zero-waste supermarkets, whereas unless you go to a butcher, meat is often packaged in lots of plastic.

Eating less meat and fish products and more veg and fruit can decrease the risk of heart disease and strokes, as the saturated fats in meat can contribute to weight gain, high cholesterol, blood pressure and further complications. Sadly, one of the most heavily plastic packaged foods you will find in supermarkets is fruit and vegetables. For a waste-free alternative that tastes much better, go to local fruit and veg shops. Rather than being imported, the fruit and veg will be locally sourced, making them much more eco-friendly and organic. Supporting your local fruit and veg store is not only better for the environment, but it is often cheaper, and it will always taste better and support the small shops and businesses in your area!

If you have a garden, then the best option is to grow your own fruit and vegetables at home. You can control exactly what you are eating and you can use organic products to support the growth of the plants with your garden waste and compost. Get the family involved and they could develop a love for growing their own food and continue it in the future. You will save ridiculous amounts of money by investing some of your time each week into growing food. Research how to use seeds and roots from fruit and veg that you’d usually throw away to grow your own vegetables.

Upcycle old Furniture

If an item of your household furniture has become outdated, or it is slightly broken, don’t throw it away! It is so simple to upcycle furniture and you create a bespoke piece for little to no cost in the process.

For example, perhaps you have an old table that is slightly damaged, has a broken leg and really doesn’t suit the style of your home. Rather than binning it, the solution is simple! You can use wood filler to fill in any chipped or damaged areas, wait for it to dry and sand it down. Check out some useful YouTube tutorials about upcycling ideas to be inspired. Clean down the dressing table with sugar soap, sand it down to remove any tough bits. Then, prime it with a furniture primer and give it two coats of paint with the colour of your choice or even a trendy pattern! Remove the handles prior to painting and soak them in equal parts vinegar and ketchup to get them looking brand new.

Think how much waste would be reduced if everyone made the effort to upcycle a piece of furniture they would’ve otherwise sent to landfill. And at Express Waste Removal they try to donate old furniture to charities and only deliver it to the landfill, if there’s no other option, which offers you a skip hire alternative.

Living as a zero waste family is not as hard as you may have thought and hopefully you will give the above tips a try – your kids will thank you for it later!

4 Tips to Manage and Reduce Food Waste with Express Waste Removals

Restaurants and households alike go through tons of food every year.

Using cooking oil in great quantities for example has made oil recycling a major topic in the food industry and media, because the so-called fatberg found in a London sewer that blocked numerous drains was a shocking find and revealed the consequences of mismanagement of food waste.

It is quite evident that if cooking oil recycling and general food or kitchen waste recycling is not dealt with properly, the waste can cause immense damage.

If kitchen waste is not disposed of adequately, it can cause clogging of drainage systems, hamper with fertilizer formations in compost heaps, and even lead water pollution in the rivers or seas, threatening sea life.

Importance of Food Waste Management and Reduction

The two most common ways to reuse food waste are using food scraps as fertilizers for plants in the garden or indoors or to regrow plants. However, it is also important to know that certain food wastes like cooking oil can be recycled by oil recycling companies to produce other by-products.

This is why it is vital to leave the food waste management in the professional hands of rubbish removal companies like Express Waste Removals in London. Let them handle your food waste for the following reasons:

1.      Minimize Waste in a Licensed Way

See how much kitchen waste alone is produced on average in comparison with all other types of waste in this graphic featured by Express Waste Removals:



You can see that kitchen waste together with paper and card makes up the highest percentage of waste production in households.

In big households kitchen waste comes in huge quantities and disposing of household junk adequately can be a big challenge. Pouring oil waste simply into the kitchen and toilet sinks for instance, results in clogging the drainage systems.

Restaurants-and-catering-services-to-recycle-cooking-oilFamilies or house owners will need to hire plumbing services, which can be costly, to unclog their drains. Some uneducated people may also dump their food waste outside in the open where it may find its way into the sewerage system, causing blockages or attracting pests that can spread diseases.  Households may have to hire pest control services as a consequence to manage the spread of pests around their property.

To avoid such problems, Express Waste Removals advise everyone to leave their food waste management and removal with an insured and fully certified junk removal operator like them. They know exactly how to dispose of your food waste or garden waste, because they collaborate with licensed junk operators and recycling centres for the best eco-friendly rubbish removal methods.

2.      Contribute to local Communities and Businesses

By having your food waste recycled adequately through Express Waste Removals you first of all contribute to your local community by keeping it clean and healthy. You model green living and recycling and this will educate your neighbours or friends to follow suit. And you’ll also be supporting the local businesses involving themselves in the recycling business every day, because you are contributing towards economic growth which can lead to job creation. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

3.      Recycled Food can Produce Energy

Used oil can be converted into various by-products, like the most common by-product biodiesel. Biodiesel is a renewable energy source and is an alternative fuel to petroleum/diesel fuel for eco-friendly cars. Another type of energy food waste can produce when recycled through anaerobic digestion is biogas and fertiliser. In an oxygen-free tank the food waste material is broken down leading to these by-products that are useful for farms for example.

4.      Food Waste Recycling is Cost-Effective

As described earlier, inadequate and unprofessional food waste management can lead to additional costs to deal with problems arising from it such as blocked drains etc.

Hence, having the food waste disposed of professionally with waste removal companies like Express Waste Removals is the best alternative, as they offer very affordable waste removal options. The recycling businesses in your London area that work with Express Waste Removals also benefit from this so food waste recycling is  a very convenient solution for any household or food company and restaurant in London.

Managing and Reducing Food Waste is a Win-Win

The above-mentioned reasons clearly show that you should consider recycling your food waste with the help of professionals, because of the benefits that accrue from using licensed junk removal providers. Apart from minimizing and removing waste professionally, protecting the environment, producing biodiesel, and benefiting the local businesses, food waste recycling is cost-effective and is the best solution for managing food waste at home or as a business. And your local community will thank you for it.

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