How To Deal With Business And Commercial Waste In London

Running a business in London and dealing with the waste produced is never as easy as many may think. You will need a waste removal company’s assistance to help manage your business and commercial waste. Mind you, the city has stringent laws that guide businesses and commercial premises on waste disposal.

Below is a detailed guide on how to deal with business and commercial waste in London;

Points to consider during disposal of commercial waste in London:

  • An agreement with an authorized London waste carrier
  • Do you possess a waste transfer card or note for the financial year at hand?
  • After waste collection, are the containers cleared from those footways ASAP?
  • Is your waste in designated collection containers?

In case your answers are NO to these questions or even one of these, then you risk infringing the law!  You’ll be held liable by the authorities and get fined, jailed, or both. So what do you do?

Adhere to the laws and regulations of Duty of Care

The entire law of ‘Duty of Care’ emanates from the 1990 Environmental Protection Act; it states that every organization should in their right power handle all commercial waste disposals appropriately. This means you must:

  • Ensure your waste is safe and sound

Business and Commercial WasteYes! It might seem like a junk of useless trash but you need to watch over your waste keenly. You’ll need to ascertain that the waste disposed is not toxic or hazardous to the environment.

Needless to say, your waste has to be properly packaged to avoi

d littering. Suitable containers are required to ensure that the waste doesn’t fall out.

You should not litter your business premises or the streets below during the collection and transportation of your commercial waste.

Dropping waste on the highway during transportation amounts to fly-tipping and this can lead to hefty fines and jail terms.

Consignment Note

This is an official document or note which contains written descriptions of your business waste. The consignment is also known as ‘waste transfer note’.

By UK law, you are obliged to produce a copy of the waste removal company that you are using.  Besides that, a copy should be kept in your records for about a year.

What about the perilous waste?

Deal With Commercial Business Waste

Some commercial wastes types are considered as hazardous or perilous, implying that they pose serious dangers to the environment as well as human health. If by chance you are not sure whether the waste you produce is toxic, you can inquire from Environmental Agency personnel from the council.

Each year, many businesses and commercial premises get fined by health inspectors for flouting the laid down waste management rules in London. Do not be caught up, Express Waste Removals is your professional waste removal company in the city. We are the real pros; our crews are thoroughly acquainted with handling all manner of business waste. We carefully sort what can be recycled from commercial wastes; we put the hazardous waste separately. Besides, our rates are super affordable and we charge you only for what we remove! Our business waste removal services include same-day services, meaning that we can come over at short notice. Seeing that businesses and commercial premises have busy schedules, we can arrange and come collect the waste in the evening after work. Your convenience is our command, talk to us now.


How Commercial Waste Recycling Helps Environment

The manufacturing, wholesale and energy-creation sectors are vital to the growth and long-term sustainability of our economy. You and I depend on manufacturing services for the goods we enjoy on a daily basis and the energy sector provides the lifeblood that powers our lives.

Handling Commercial Waste;

Commercial waste is defined as waste produced as a by-product of doing business. On a small scale, commercial waste could be wrappers related to a catering services or obsolete electronics.

The problem is that industrial, commercial waste can damage the environment if left unattended.

Responsible Industrial Waste Disposal

Through a combination of waste pickup and dumpsters placed around your place of business, commercial waste disposal can be significantly reduced.

A junk removal service makes eco-friendly junk removal a priority for local businesses and the communities that the businesses offer services. Most companies have the professionalism, experience and expertise to get the job done.

Recycling Commercial Waste

You can safely have your commercial waste recycled, which is good for the environment since the commercial waste will not pollute the environment whatsoever.

Recycling your commercial waste also makes doing business easy, since recycling streamlines your business and allows you to seamlessly meet regulatory waste compliance benchmarks set by local governments.

Commercial Waste Recycling
Commercial waste clearance and recycling helps to conserve the environment in a number of ways.

The 3 R cycle; these mean Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Proper waste management assists in improving the environment and the quality of air we breathe. It also helps in lowering the amounts of greenhouse gases released. Investing in commercial waste and clearance services helps in minimizing extraction of resources and reduce pollution and energy consumption involved in manufacturing new materials.

Unsuitable disposal of commercial waste pollutes the environment and enables greenhouse emissions. A lot of commercial waste can be reused or recycled.


Commercial Waste Clearance

  • Turning recyclable waste into useful materials assists in converting garbage into new products. Rubbish clearance services recycle green waste to make compost which is then used to enrich soil for cultivation.
  • The compost is of high quality and it reduces the need to of using artificial fertilizers that contain high levels of various chemicals. Therefore, the crops grown are healthier and safer for consumption.
  • Non-recyclable wastes are burnt through a controlled process in an incinerator. Waste energy that harnessed during the process can be used to generate electric energy.
  • Safeguards landfills space; professional waste clearance and recycling facilities make sure that only a minimum percentage of the whole waste gets to the landfills. Recyclable materials taken to recycling centres and the remaining waste is incinerated elsewhere. Waste in the landfills decomposes progressively generating harmful substances such as methane which is bad for the environment. Conserving landfills space therefore limits the production of such harmful substances significantly.
  • Conservation of natural resources; natural resources such as water, air, soil, minerals and timber among others are preserved. The need to produce new productsis reduced while human and animal life is preserved.
  • Commercial garbage clearance and recycling services are undertaken professionally done by companies to benefit the environment drastically. The environment is the mother of all things. Conserving it will ensure a better life for all living things.


Legal Liability

Businesses are obligated to effectively manage and dispose of their industrial waste as per the laid down regulations. Failure to do so, can make them liable for any damages caused by their neglect. Even if the companies win the cases, they will still pay legal fees and waste time defending themselves in the courts.

Clearing and recycling firms are eco-friendly and will take care of the waste appropriately.

How to Dispose Commercial Wastes in Quick Time?

Waste disposal is important to commercial businesses because it promotes health and safety at the job site. As an entrepreneur, you are always busy running things and expanding your business so you may not have much time to focus on this detail.

Whether you need a bin to rent for a single use, environmentally friendly recycling services or commercial waste collection in most companies have the equipment, crew and skill to meet your needs. Schedule a pickup today or request a quote on our services.

Remember that trade or commercial waste of any manner is not accepted at most household waste recycling centres, because such is more complicated and dangerous to handle.

When we talk of Hazardous waste disposal it’s basically about getting rid of industrial and household effluents such as pesticides, chemicals, oils, solvents, paints, cylinders and aerosols. Disposal of such materials is a sensitive process, and good waste management will involve scrutiny of the material, safe packing, labelling and transportation for safe disposal.

That is where you require professionals to carry out the job.

Commercial Waste Collection

Commercial Waste Disposal

A one-stop waste removal should offer inclusive services ranging from everything; from garbage collection and reprocessing to septic system cleaning and liquid waste service. It is possible to customize commercial services to meet the needs of various customers. Thus, they provide services to many industries, including:

  • Municipalities
  • Institutions
  • Offices
  • Developers/owners
  • Construction crews
  • Industrial companies

Accepted Commercial Waste Materials

Several companies accept different commercial waste materials, be it hazardous or non-toxic. Some of the materials acceptable for commercial waste disposal include:

  • Tires
  • Asphalt and concrete
  • Solid waste
  • Saline fluids
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Drilling muds
  • Metal finishing solutions
  • Pharmaceutical waste water
  • Old appliances

What are the different types of waste?

commercial waste clearance

The type of waste generated by commercial properties varies and depends on what sector the company is located. Each company/business is unique, which means the waste produced is specific to your business. Everything from packaging material to fruit waste is dumped into the general refuse.

The above list showcases some of the items most agencies accept for disposal. If you are not certain a material you have is acceptable, contact the company and you will be given appropriate advice.

While it may not be a top priority, proper garbage disposal is very critical to help ensure that your business is clean, safe and engaging to customers. Most companies provide timely and cost effective services that allow your business to meet these goals.

Commercial piles of sorted recyclable items should be dumped at a landfill for recycling. Recyclable materials that are acceptable at a landfill in large quantities include:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Aluminium cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Clear glass bottles
  • Mixed glass bottles
  • Phone books
  • Whole vehicles tires
  • Appliances and white goods
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Used motor oil
  • Used motor oil filters
  • Wood pallets
  • Clean wood waste
  • Oyster shells
  • Antifreeze

For more information about disposing of specific items, feel free to contact us and our clearance crews will be glad to explain everything, take you through the process for collecting and recycling every item.

What type of bins do you need for waste disposal?

Different sizes of bins can be used to store different amounts of refuse. Depending on how much rubbish your business generates, you will need a covered bin to store your waste.

From the tiniest 120ml green, sturdy wheelie bin to a six yard roll top, there are bins to suit every clients’ waste output.

How do you dispose of our waste once it is collected?

Waste is organised into recyclables and non-recyclables. Several materials such as plastic, paper and glass can be recycled.  Nowadays, companies strive to avoid using landfills, hence they sort and dispose of your rubbish in the most appropriate way and in a timely manner.

What Are Different Types Of Commercial Wastes

Commercial waste is any type of waste that’s generated as a result of any business or trading activity. This activity could be related to entertainment, education, recreation, sport, or any other activity that has a commerce element to it.  Commercial waste is so different from agricultural or domestic waste because in these two, there is no business angle to them. It’s very important to distinguish the difference because some waste removal companies won’t handle commercial waste due to the stringent measures put in place to govern their disposal. Even grass and garden clippings from a commercial property like a hotel would also be categorized as commercial waste. The different types of commercial waste are categorized according to where they have been generated;

  • Industrial and manufacturing plants generate rubbish in their day to day activities, and this can be categorized as commercial waste.
  • Mining companies also generate commercial rubbish
  • Hospitals, restaurants, veterinary clinics, accommodation properties; these also generate commercial rubbish.
  • Wholesalers and retailers also generate commercial property.

Commercial Waste Removal London
Generally, the different types of commercial waste include; Biodegradable waste, chemical waste, electronic waste, demolition waste, electrical waste, construction waste, food leftovers from commercial properties, to mention but a few.

Like aforementioned, commercial waste is often treated differently from domestic waste and other forms of waste. In some cases, the commercial waste is in the form of hazardous waste that must be handled professionally and only by a licensed company. Think of veterinary waste, waste from accident scenes, carcasses of dead pets and animals; all these are hazardous waste that can only be handled by a bona fide rubbish removal company. Not to mention the decontamination that follows up the removal of hazardous waste; again, your typical residential rubbish removal company isn’t very suited to carry out such tasks. Before hiring a company to handle commercial waste removal, there are things you must always find out;

  1. Licensed; first and foremost, always ensure that the commercial rubbish removal company you wish to hire is licensed and authorized to handle commercial waste. Remember we mentioned that commercial waste is inclusive of hazardous waste that may be found in commercial premises? Think of an oil spill in a commercial premises or industry; how will you clean such is you’re not qualified and licensed?
  2. Experience; it is one thing for a removal company to have the licenses and permits to offer services; it is another to have experience getting the job done. Rather than picking a newbie simply because they offer commercial waste removal, opt for a company that has been there for some years, that has experience handling commercial waste. Better still, get one that has experience handing a situation similar as yours.
  3. different types of commercial wastesReputation; has the company offered commercial waste removal services before in a situation similar to yours, and if they did, did they get the job done well? Reputation matters a lot and as such, a good company will never hesitate to link you up with referrals and former clients who have tried their services.
  4. Well equipped; lastly, ensure that the company is well equipped and that their crews have protective clothing and the right equipment for the job. Commercial waste removal is demanding and will require physically fit men and women, with the right equipment and tools for the job.

Most commercial waste removal companies in London have an online presence; you can start by conducting a search online for one that operates within your area. It is recommendable to compare and contrast before picking one, so that you get value for money as well guarantee that they’ll do a great job removing all waste.


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