Proper Disposal of Wastes from Garden

Finding the perfect garden garbage collectors here in London can be tiresome. Garden waste collection needs to be handled by a company that has many years of experience. Garden waste, being one of the unique wastes, needs to be handled with expertise since it can cause both positive and negative effects on the environment. Recycling Garden wastes to form mulch or compost used as soil conditioners, building humus and adding valuable nutrients to the soil, would be of great importance both to the garden owner and the environment.

The risks involved in illegal dumping of Garden waste are profoundly big;

Proper Disposal of Wastes from Garden

  • The waste might contain plant parts and seeds that may grow; invasion of exotic plant that may grow to cause a threat to the biodiversity. Native plants and animals may pose a threat of vulnerability to lack of food, disruption of the animal-plant relationship and also a replacement of other species to contain all the native species.
  • Increase fire fuel loads; Garden waste eventually gets dry and adds fuel to the already fallen debris making it easy for an accidental fire to thrive and spread fast. This might have regrettable consequences if an accidental fire occurs.
  • Accrued economic cost; illegal dumping of garden waste might cause weed spread that could be costly for those trying to eliminate it. Fire outbreaks results in loss of vegetation, loss of both animal and human lives that will be costly to rejuvenate.
  • Waterway quality; dumping of green garden waste can block water drainage system which affects water quality and affects the aquatic life. Dumping may block waterways that may result in drainage blockage, resulting in flooding.

There are better and efficient ways a company that collects garden waste should present itself. Here is what you need to know;

  1. Availability and on time; a good garden waste removal company should be able to offer prompt services. Determine if the company you are hiring can cater for your junk collection in a manner that you will be satisfied with. Here at Express Waste Removal, we offer emergency waste removal services, our crews can be dispatched to your garden in an hour or two.
  2. Well equipped; a rubbish collecting company that is well equipped guarantees you best service that you really want. Garden waste collection requires manpower with skills of handling the waste in a positive manner to the environment.
  3. Recycling the waste; consider hiring a company that will properly use the garden wastes into the productivity of the environment to make humus. An environmentally friendly company should compost the plant materials to form mulch for soil aeration and fertility.
  4. Cost; cost is a major factor to consider while choosing a company that fits and is flexible to your budget. Ensure the company you hire offers the services you really want and they are flexible to your demands.

Garden Waste Collection and Disposal
Finally, consider choosing a company that is pocket-friendly before making the final call for hire. Give priority to a company that fully understands the importance of eco-friendly handling of garden waste.  At Express Waste Removal, we are reliable and almost 95% of all your garden waste will end up being recycled. The branches and bushes we trim can be used for mulching in summer; it can be split into chips you can use to light bonfires. Very little really goes to waste. Feel free to give us a call today for a free no obligation quote. Like aforementioned, our garden waste removal crews are professional and will observe the utmost care so as not to harm your plants.

Finding The Right Garden waste clearance Service Company

Finding the right company to perform rubbish removal in London can be an arduous task.  However, you can find an agency that strives to make the process quick and stress-free as possible.  With years of experience dealing with rubbish clearance, we have learnt to gear our service around clients.

Most of them can deal with any job, regardless of size. They will always work fast and will always complete the job at hand to your 100% satisfaction.

Hiring a Reliable Rubbish Removal Company

Rubbish removal companies offer a more convenient and eco-friendly way to dispose of all the wastes . However, with the many junk removal companies in the market, choosing the best company can be a daunting task. Choosing the right rubbish removal company is not just about the cost, but what happens to the trash later. Below are factors to consider while choosing a garbage collection company:

Experienced and reliable

There are several junk removal companies.  Hence, before engaging the services of a rubbish removal, you need to know its status.  Conduct a thorough research on the different companies by asking for referrals or checking out customer reviews online.

The time the company has been in operation guarantees that you will receive only the best services.  A reputed rubbish removal company is one that you can count on for all your waste removal needs efficiently and professionally. The company should be able to deliver same day services upon contacting them.

garden waste

Type of waste removal services offered

Different companies offer different rubbish removal services. Thus, you will first need to determine if the company you’re planning to hire can take care of your junk removal needs. If you have demolished a house, for instance, and need some help removing the rubbles as well as other wastes, you will have to hire the services of a company that specialises in demolition rubbish removal. In simple terms, you should hire a company that will get the job done accordingly.

Apart from hazardous wastes, most of the dependable junk removal companies offer a comprehensive range of services- From residential waste removal to commercial and garden waste clearance services. A good company will also offer you additional services on top of cleaning your house. They can also offer you advice on how you can reduce waste production and maintain a healthy environment.

Environmental Friendly

Another important factor to consider is the company’s recycling policy. You do not want to hire a company that collects all the rubbish in your premises and dumps it to the landfill.  This is very harmful to the environment.

Make sure that you work with a company that properly disposes of all the garbage collected and recycles whenever possible. Hire a company that understands how important the environment is and has effective waste management processes in place.

right garden waste clearance service


Cost is one of major factors to consider when looking for a rubbish removal, you need to make sure you get one that fits your budget. Several elements determine the cost of your rubbish removal including the amount of fuel being used, kind of vehicle used, the type of waste to be removed and more. Give the company with all the necessary information to have the waste removal prices quoted before hiring. Compare the different quotations thoroughly and choose an affordable and reputable company.

Ensure the company you choose offers good value for your money. Most reliable rubbish removal companies have different packages to fit all budget requirements. Always get a free price quote from some companies before making the final call.

The Bottom Line

With the above-mentioned tips in mind, picking the best rubbish removal service is will no longer be difficult.  Conduct research and choose one that’s committed to providing customer satisfaction and eco-friendly services.

How Garden Wastes can be Disposed?

Most of the garden wastes are organic, yet they need to be disposed to avoid the unhygienic circumstance and they are not compost in the landfill areas naturally. Even governments all around the globe are implementing the laws to enforce eco-friendly nature. When the garden wastes are disposed and handled properly, it will return back to us a good outcome. Here, we list some of the very useful ways to dispose the garden wastes.

Compost Bins:

Make use of home compost bins, which are available at reasonable prices. You can put in regular wastes generated all around the garden inside the bins, the wastes includes old plants, grass cuttings, and weeds. Though, composting doesn’t suits to every place, still its a great green way of disposing garden wastes. Be conscious while doing composting process, because when it’s not done properly, then it may lead to pests.

Garden Wastes - Compost Bins

Collect the Bulky Wastes:

If you aren’t asking the help of garden rubbish removal service for quite some time, then at least have a bag to collect them and keep at some place regularly. It avoids the place to be left unhygienic or the wastes to budge and stack in big size.

Bulky wastes bags

Opt For Express Waste Removals Services:

We at Express Waste Removals collect garden junks at every place with clean sheet. Since our disposal methods are appropriate, people opt for our service regularly in London. Our team of trained professionals will arrive on the same day of booking with van to your garden and collect the wastes without any damage.

If you are in need of garden waste disposal, then call us immediately to book for our service.


Best Way To Do Garden Rubbish Removals In London

In London, many people have embraced tidying up their garden as a greener approach to take care of their homes. With increase in the number of awareness of people on the human effects to the environment, it is almost mandatory for the residents of London to consider doing the best in ensuring their garden waste is handled properly. By doing so, we lower the amount of carbon footprint and the impact it might have to us, our homes, and the environment at large. It is important to have an expert approach on how we dispose, compose or recycle our garden rubbish and waste in order to remain all time confident that the garden is not only green at all times, but also healthy.

We all agree that effective disposal of garden rubbish and wastes is necessary. Being equipped with knowledge of the best ways to do the garden rubbish removal will make the disposing task mush easier. Below are the best ways to make your garden waste and rubbish removal;

  1. Composting;

    Food wastes can be of benefit in a garden if used as compost instead of discarding it. Food wastes include organic materials like onion peels, fruit rind and even shredded paper. These items are enclosed in a tube for decomposition. The decomposition takes some few days, after which they are added to the soil that we use in gardening to give nutrients that is necessary for the plant quality and growth. This garden rubbish removal method is a form of recycling if you are a vegetable and fruit farmer. Adding up crushed eggshells to the compost is also of benefit in reducing the infestation of pests that may affect your plants, example; Snails and slugs on vegetables.


  1. Animal Feed;

    Often, many people overlook the pet’s capacity as being a good waste disposer. Food scraps and vegetable peels can be retained to be used as food for small animals like rabbits and hamsters. The large meat bones will always be received by the dogs. Leftover food can be used to feed livestock, if you have of any. Do not forget animals like pigs are indiscriminate in their diet and can have whatever that they are handed over to feed on. If you do not keep livestock or any kind of animals, look around your neighbor who rears animals and consider selling or giving whatever waste is consumable.

  1. Open Burning;

    Open burning solid waste reduces its volume, thus decreasing the size of the dumpsite. Open burning is among the widely and most used methods for managing waste. However, it releases
    poisonous to the atmosphere directly. The toxic gas has a lot of negative results to the environment and harmful to both animals and humans; it’s thus a controversial disposal method that most environmentalists don’t advocate for.

  2. Landfilling and Dumps;

    Dumps and landfills are used in storing garden wastes beneath the soil. Waste material remnants in most cases are not disposable even during the gasification, pyrolysis, and incineration processes. Instead, they are transported to dumps and landfills, where they are buried beneath the soil. Thereafter, the leachate is well taken care of to prevent it from coming into the atmosphere and posing a threat.

    Landfills and dumping
  3. Mulching;

    Mulching helps conserve moisture during the dry season. Thus, swigs and branches and weeds you pullout from your garden can be used for mulching purposes on your kitchen garden or flowers. If you have a wood chirper that’s much better because you just need to cut the waste into smaller particles than you can use on your plants.



How Express Waste Removals get the job done for Garden Clearance

Garden Waste Clearance

Are you looking for a professional and reliable garden clearance company? A company that has experience clearing gardens and ensuring that all rubbish and trimmings are effectively cleared, and disposed of? Then you are on the right place, Express Waste Removal is a licensed and registered waste carrier, passionately serving the residents of London and the surrounding areas. While gardens are beautiful and help enhance the aesthetic value of our homes and offices, there comes a time when you have to clear all the rubbish therein. This could include anything from polythene bags, plastic bottles, gift wrappings, weeds and trimmed branches or leaves, and so on. While this may seem like a small task, truth is that you need planning, labor, tools, and equipment, not to mention a landfill to dispose of whatever needs to be disposed of. Our man and van waste collectors will do justice to your garden and leave it tidy.

How express waste removals get the job done;

  • Express Waste Removals prides itself of having some of the most experienced garden waste collectors. You don’t have to worry about your plants or flowers being damaged or uprooted during the clearance process; we clear only what’s not needed!
  • Thus when you give us a call, our customer care representatives will seek to know your exact location. How big or small is the garden? Is your home garden, or a garden next to an office or commercial premises? These are some of the things we always seek to find out so that we can dispatch our clearance teams. It also helps us know the kind of tools we’ll need to bring along.
  • In most cases, 90% of all garden waste can be recycled or used for other constructive purposes! Our company attaches great importance to recycling and in this regard, we will always advise you on the best way to utilize what has been cleared from your garden. For instance, did you know that mulching, composting, are good ways of making use of your garden waste? A compost site is easy to make and run and the compost you end up with is 100% organic and very fertile.
  • Our man and van teams are always equipped with safety gear and the right tools for the job. If there are any branches, twigs, or branches that need to be chopped into smaller pieces for easier transportation, we will do that very fast. You’ll just sit aside and watch the job get done; we do all the hard work, and then load the waste.
  • We will also give you a free no-obligation quote, and this is not final as we can always negotiate the final fee when we come to your premises. Our rates are actually some of the most affordable here in London, with a minimum load being charged £ 25, while a full load may cost you around £ 250. Once we agree on the amount of waste to be cleared and how much you’ll pay, we never charge you for anything else! Some of our clients have voiced fears and concerns that they have been forced to pay loading fees, parking fees and other ridiculous charged. Express waste removals don’t do that, we load and clean up thereafter at absolutely no extra cost.

How To Make Use Of Your Garden Waste;

Garden waste can also refer to the waste you get from your kitchen like food leftovers, tea bags, eggshells, and so on. Now, all these can be collected into a composting site as we mentioned and then converted into compost or manure. How is this done? This is done by combining what’s known as green waste and brown waste in the right ratio. For instance, take the green twigs and leaves trimmed from your garden, then add in some eggshells, sawdust, and mix them all together. You have to ensure that you continually mix and turn this combination so that it can decompose evenly. The compost may take a week or two before it’s ready for use in your garden. You can use the compost on your flower vases, kitchen garden, give to a neighbor, or even sell it to a willing buyer. The fact that compost is 100% organic makes it the best option in comparison to artificially manufactures fertilizers.

Express Waste Removals Offers And Discounts;

In the spirit of appreciating all our loyal clients who have stuck with us as well as new ones interested in our services, Express Waste Removals is pleased to inform you that we are now offering handsome discounts! Each time you hire our home or office waste clearance services, we will also clear your garden at incredibly discounted prices! Feel free to give us a call on 020 8099 9819 for more details. You can also book us online, there’s an easy online form where you can leave your details and our representatives will get back to you promptly. Let’s clear your garden today, we assure you of professional services that will leave you satisfied and pleased.

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