Role of Rubbish Removal Companies In House Waste Clearance

Role of Rubbish Removal Companies In House Waste Clearance

Over 1 million tonnes of waste is generated each year across the UK. A huge chunk of this waste comprises of home and domestic waste. The role that rubbish removal companies play in helping keep our environment clean and tidy is huge.  Although some home owners prefer the local councils for their rubbish removal, removal companies are always a more reliable option. They’re more efficient, more reliable, better value for your money. If you’re looking for a professional house waste removal company in the UK, here’s what you’ll need to know;

  • Always on time; house waste has to be cleared well on time to prevent any bad stenches and odors within your home. Even removing it from your main house to the bins outside is only a temporary solution; foxes, rodents, bears, raccoons, feral pets and many other pests are attracted by waste. The best thing is to have a reliable company that shows up on time, and regularly. This is exactly what rubbish removal companies do, they ensure that your domestic waste is collected immediately you feel there’s need to do so.
  • More flexibility and convenience; rubbish removal companies offer you more flexibility and convenience. The ordinary home owner today has a busy schedule and they may not be available during the ordinary working hours. As such, rubbish removal companies offer their services at any time and day that suits you. This includes on weekends and public holiday. Skip hire services don’t allow you to throw in fluorescent bulbs, paint, electrical waste, tyres, and so on. Yet, there are times you’ll need paint and electrical appliances during home renovations. Only a rubbish removal company gives you the flexibility to dump all types of waste in the bin for disposal.

House waste removal companies

  • Well equipped; rubbish removal companies are well equipped to handle all manner of house clearance tasks. This includes junk removal, decluterring, and removal of bulky waste. You can never go wrong with a rubbish removal company. Their crews are well trained and properly equipped to remove home waste in a safe and efficient manner. From the ordinary kitchen waste, garden waste collection, home repair and renovation waste, junk, and so much more; rubbish removal companies are best equipped for such.
  • Cleaner environment; we all have a collective responsibility to keep the environment clean. Rubbish removal companies are a key cog in this task; they help rid your home of all waste and rubbish. The waste is then disposed of in an eco friendly manner. Without the services of these removal companies, we’d all face a mammoth task of managing our waste. Diseases, pests, and pollution are just some of the top consequences of poor waste management. Thus, rubbish removal companies help keep the environment clean and tidy.

London is home to many rubbish removal companies. It’s important that you pick a reputable company that will handle all your waste effectively, affordably, and in an eco friendly manner. Express Waste Removal is one such example; we pride ourselves of being a leading rubbish removal company in London. We handle all manner of domestic waste and most of it will end up in recycling plants. We attach great importance to offering eco friendly services.

You’ll be pleased to note that we are one of the few rubbish removal companies that have attained over 80% recycling rates.  You can never go wrong with our services; we’ll are providing house waste clearance service effectively regardless of the amount involved.

Feel free to speak to us any time for a free no obligation quote. Get to us via 020 8099 9819.

Why you need ECO Friendly Waste Clearance

Express Waste Removals is London’s most reputable and eco friendly house Clearance company, we pride ourselves of having worked with many home owners across the city. We are professional, we are passionate, and we are affordable; these three pillars are what have made us a darling of most home owners looking for house clearance services. Whether you want a single item like a sofa cleared from your premises, or an entire clearance of all items therein like fridge, mattresses, old carpets, and such like, trust us to get the job done fast and effectively. We are the real pros when it comes to accessing homes and removing items safely and efficiently, without any damages or littering around. Our smart team of house clearers will impress you with their meticulous execution of the task at hand.

Things to consider before a house clearance;

How organized are you; the success of your house clearance will largely depend on how well prepared you are. This is to say that in order for the house clearance company to get the job done fast and effectively, you can help by knowing what will need to be cleared, and left behind. It is advisable to colour-code the items for ease of identification during the clearance.

Make us understand what you want; our customer care team is always very eager to hear you explain on phone what precisely needs to be done. We have had cases before of home owners who call but are unable to paint a clear picture of the amount of waste that’s to be cleared, and so on. Without such details, it becomes harder estimating how much time we’ll need to get the job done, how much we’ll charge, or even the size of bins and skips we need to bring along. In some instances, we prefer sending over one of our team members to come and assess the task at hand so that we are able to make the necessary planning.

While most of what we’ll clear from your home will end up in recycling centres, some of it can be donated or reused. Express Waste Removals has aligned itself with some noble  and good causes like housing associations; some of the furniture we collect from your house can be taken here and benefit the less fortunate. It is worth noting that not all items that are cleared from your house are waste. There is a term known as compulsive hoarding. This means the tendency to peep and maintain things we once valued but no longer use. Toys you bought for your kids 5 years ago lying idle in the basement, electronics wasting away in the store after you upgraded to newer models, clothes or shoes you no longer use, and so on.  Before you know it, your home is a yard full of clutter and junk and worthless items that add little value to your life! They make your house look untidy, some may pose health hazards. We can help you declutter your home and remain with only the essentials.

Express Waste Removals has a policy of ensuring that our prices are always on the lower side, not because our services are inferior, but because we believe a satisfied customer will always come back and recommend us to his or her friends. Our work speaks for itself; you’ll never regret hiring us as your contractors for house clearance. In 2018, we’re giving amazing discounts to any new client who recommends a friend to try our house clearance services. Talk to us any day, we are available to work for you on weekends, public holidays, even in the evening. Simply let us know when you’ll be available and we’ll be more than glad to demonstrate to you just why we’re the leading house clearance team in London.

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