What are the Benefits of Recycling

Recycling is the turning of something that is considered to be waste into a valuable resource. This is a positive way of cutting down on production costs and the number of wastes that load up in the landfills. Recycling helps us to keep our environment clean among other great benefits;

What are the great benefits of recycling waste?

  • Protection of the Environment
  • Recycling of waste promotes Economic growth
  • Recycling of waste reduces energy consumption rates
  • Recycling of wastes leads to job protection and creation
  • Recycling of waste reduces accident
  • Recycling of waste results in the protection of natural resources
  • Waste recycling helps us to protect future generations
  • Conclusion on the benefits of recycling waste

Protection of the Environment

By recycling we reduce the amount of manufacturing which further protects the air quality; the waste that is sent to the landfills is also reduced.

Recycling of waste promotes Economic growth

Companies will not have to buy raw material as they readily have the raw materials created by recycled products to make their own products. This keeps end-user costs low.

Recycling of waste reduces energy consumption rates

Recycling reduces the amount of energy needed to create products from raw materials. This helps in keeping energy costs down and protects the consumer from paying huge energy bills and costs, reduced energy costs leads to an affordable cost of living for the citizens.

Waste clearance

Recycling of wastes leads to job protection and creation

The recycling industry keeps on growing every day; this means that more manpower and labour is required to be able to sustain its productivity. Building the industry more jobs are created and the existing ones are protected and are able to provide and facilitate financial security for millions of the UK citizens.

Recycling of waste reduces accident

By recycling waste we prevent the occurrence of minor accidents that may result from, blunt objects, broken glasses, rusty metals and plastic papers that can cause suffocation in kids and animals; all these objects if left to litter the parks, water sources and kids playgrounds can be very dangerous. This is why we need to recycle them continuously.

Recycling of waste results in the protection of natural resources;

Use of less raw materials results in conservation of natural resources such as trees and water sources like rivers, and marine animals, the soil and the air. Factories generate more environmental pollution when they use raw materials as opposed to using recycled material. The lesser the use of raw material, the lower the rate of environmental pollution.

Waste recycling helps us to protect future generations

How beautiful would it be for future generations to come into a world that is free from all forms of pollution? The more you recycle the commercial waste products, the lesser produce wastes to the environment, with time the rate of environmental pollution will reduce completely allowing the future generations to breathe in the freshness of a clean environment.

The tips shared below are very important in the maintenance of a clean environment.

The invention of Smart ways of shopping;

Shops that sell products containing recyclable materials contain a percentage of post-consumer recycled content, for the purposes of easy recycling after consumption.

Use items severally before disposing of;

Some containers can be used for storage and other uses instead of deposing them.

 Buy your products in bulk

Bulk shopping saves a lot and also reduces the amount of packaging that would be thrown away as waste.


Rubbish removal recycling

A conclusion on the benefits of recycling waste

Recycling helps protect the environment from climatic changes, and different forms of pollution such as, soil, marine, air and water pollution. A clean environment influences healthy living that is free from sickness, disease, there are clean food and water and the high productivity of its citizen. High productivity will lead to economic growth.

We are a professional rubbish removal service provider in London with recycling rates of up to 90%, meaning most of what we collect from your home or business will end up in recycling plants. Feel free to contact us for more details on how we can be your reliable partner in the global effort to recycle more, generate less.

How to Deal with Rubbish and Recyclables in London

Some people do not know exactly how to suitably dispose of rubbish and recyclables in London. How you choose to deal with your rubbish reflects how clean your premises will be. Absolutely no one lives a zero-waste lifestyle; everyone has rubbish in their home or even workplace. Minimizing the amount of rubbish you produce is the first step to maintaining a clean environment. Adapting to some changes can help you reduce the amount of rubbish you produce and help you handle it properly.

Rubbish and Recycle in London

Here are 5 Methods to help you Deal with Rubbish and Recyclables in London:

  • Use of Reusable Shopping Bags:

Plastic bags contribute largely to environmental pollution. Every time you go shopping at your local supermarket, your goods get packed in a plastic bag. This means that the more you shop, the more plastic bags you will have to dispose of. The simplest way to avoid this is to ditch the plastic bag and get yourself a reusable shopping bag. You could even sew one for yourself with an old cloth in your home. This will greatly reduce the number of plastic bags in your home. You could also opt to use biodegradable shopping bags that are environmentally friendly.


  • Hire a Rubbish Removal Service:

One of the most reliable ways to dispose of your rubbish in London is hiring a rubbish removal service. They will help you deal with both your rubbish and recyclables. Apart from that, they also ensure that at no point will your rubbish bins overflow with rubbish since they ensure to collect the rubbish in time. Another benefit is that you do not have to worry about the disposal and recycling processes as the rubbish removal service will handle all that at their company. To avoid the hassle of rubbish piling up, hire yourself one of the best waste removal London.

Rubbish and Recycle in London

  • Adapt to Composting:

Most people throw away large amounts of rubbish that could be composted and used as fertilizer. You could use the fertilizer from your compost for your flower or vegetable garden. You could collect all your organic rubbish from your kitchen or household into a bin and let it naturally compose. The rubbish will be converted into nutrient-rich fertilizer one the composition is over. This could be very useful for those of you who like organic kitchen vegetables since you could use this fertilizer for your home garden. This way, none of your food will go to waste since it will help you produce even more healthy vegetables from your home garden.


  • Repurpose Old Items:

Some items can be used to serve other purposes. Instead of throwing them away and adding to your pile of rubbish, you could find other purposes that they could serve. For example, you could use old plastic containers to plant your flowers or vegetables in, old coffee canisters and jars can also be used to store other items in your kitchen, or use pieces of broken dishes to tile your outdoors, decorate your flower pots or decorate your pavements. Broken furniture can also be repurposed into hangers or picture frames. Repurposing greatly helps you deal with your rubbish.


Rubbish and Recycle Waste in London

  • Use of Reusable Items:

You should make it a habit to use reusable items rather than disposable ones. Don’t use disposable plates, use normal plates that you could reuse after washing. In addition to that, choose reusable water bottles. Considering the availability of water dispensers within London, it is advisable to use water bottles because you could easily refill them once your water runs out. You don’t have to buy a bottle of water in a supermarket while you could have carried your own from home. When shopping, remember to buy products with packages that can be reused.

Benefits Of Recycling Waste; Tips To Guide You

With over 177 million tonnes of waste generated across the UK annually, a good thing to ask yourself is; where does all this waste end up?  177 million tonnes is a huge pile, a giant mountain of waste if it were to be put together right? The good thing is that out of this rubbish and junk, most of it ends up in recycling plants. Over half of what we call waste can be recycled and in so doing, help conserve the environment.

How Does Recycling Help Conserve The Environment?

You see, for every new product you see on the shop or store, raw materials were extracted from the planet for its manufacture. When you recycle or buy items made from recycled materials, you help reduce the need for extracting new raw materials. The beauty of it all is that most of the items we use on a day to day in our homes or offices are made of recyclable materials; plastic, metal, papers, etc. even water can be recycled! Recycling is therefore a way to help conserve the environment; utilizing what we already have before going for brand new.

What Items Can Be Recycled?

  • Plastic; think of the water bottles you end up with, plastic bags, rubber bags and plastic wrappers, and the likes. Plastic is one of the easiest materials to recycle.
  • Glass; think of your empty wine bottles, beer bottles or even pieces of broken glass. Glass is recycled by being heated in high temperatures till it’s melted. Different colors of glass should not be mixed as these can alter the final desired color of the product. A good rubbish removal company ought to guide you on how to go about this.
  • Metal; this can include iron sheets that are left behind during construction or renovations, soda cans and fruit cans common in most kitchens. Extracting metal from earth has huge implications for the environment at large. Couple this with the fact that metal takes ages to decompose and it emits harmful elements if buried in the soil.
  • Paper; old newspapers, magazines, envelopes, and cardboard boxes can all be recycled. Recycled paper means less reliance on tree cutting; papers are made from trees,
  • Others; there are other items that can be recycled and these include textiles, electronics, and old car tires. Instead of throwing these away as junk, how about getting a rubbish removal company to take them for recycling?

Benefits of recycling;

  1. Recycling reduces pollution; most forms of pollution today have to do with industrial waste. Industries emit huge and toxic fumes to the environment each year as they manufacture new products and items. Thus, by recycling we reduce the need for relying on new products made from new raw materials. Much of the rubbish we generate in our homes and work places can be recycled.
  2. Protect the environment; like we mentioned earlier, papers are manufactured from trees and for every paper you use; a tree had to be felled. Thus by recycling paper we help protect trees that would have been cut down.
  3. Reduces size of landfill; if all the waste generated ended up in landfills, we’d have huge mountains of rubbish right left and center. But thanks to recycling, landfills don’t pile up fast. In fact, human population continues to rise and if we don’t embrace recycling, we’ll end up with filled up landfills that pose dangers to the environment. Landfills emit methane gas and this is known to have negative effects on the environment.
  4. Employment; recycling has employed millions of people either directly or indirectly here in the UK alone. From manufacturing products from recycled materials, to those that source for these materials and transport them to the recycling plant.
  5. Slows down global warming; like we mentioned earlier, most of the pollution to the environment today comes from large industries. Recycling means that such industries won’t release huge amounts of Greenhouse gases like Nitrogen and carbon dioxide; these are at the middle of causing global warming.
  6. Sustainable use of resources; last but not least, recycling helps us in using our natural resources sustainably. It means that we exhaust what we already have before trying to extract new raw materials. Money that would have been used to pay workers to mine iron ore for instance, can be saved when we recycle cans and tin from items we used.


Here at Express Waste Removals, we are passionate about recycling and are on the frontline when it comes to leading by example. We offer professional rubbish removal services in homes, offices, restaurants, public parks, even on construction sites. We’ll keenly sort all the rubbish and junk there in, setting aside what can be recycled. Our rates are the best, and we are friendly towards you every step of the way. Talk to us today and we’ll be glad to hear from you.

5 Recycling Tips You Need To Be Doing In 2018

Have you ever taken a moment to think about this; that in your lifetime on this earth, you’ll have generated 100,000 pounds of rubbish and waste! Add this to the carbon footprints you’ll leave in the form of C02 and you’ll realize that something needs to be done! Recycling is one of the easiest yet most effective ways of helping conserve the environment. At a time when global warming is no longer a distant myth but a clear and present reality, it is recommendable we all embrace recycling more than ever before. From plastic bottles, kitchen waste like food, gift wrappings; most of what we call waste in our homes could very well be recycled.  In 2018, we have compiled the below recycling tips that you should really try out. They are the best way to do something tangible towards helping conserve the planet.

  1. Reduce and reuse; although these two are often viewed as separate from recycling, truth is that they are very inter related. Reducing and reusing will mean that you have lesser to dispose of as waste. It is about limiting the amount of items that will need to be thrown away afterwards. Recycling is often a last remedy; the initial ones are in reducing and reusing.
  2. Know what’s recyclable; in 2018 you’ll also need to be conversant with what’s really recyclable, and what’s not. Never underestimate the amount or quantity of what can be recycled; if it’s recyclable, make sure it ends up in a recycling bin. Paper and cardboards, plastic, aluminum, glass; all these can be recycled into new products. So the next time before you aimlessly toss away that water bottle or energy drink can, consider putting them in a recycling bin. When putting glass for disposal, never break the glass as the different colors may spoil the desired outcome.
  3. Make it a habit; more often than not, we make resolutions but quickly forget about them after a week or two. In order to embrace recycling fully and effectively, you have to look at the larger picture. Purpose to lead an eco friendly life in all spheres of your life and you’ll find that recycling comes in naturally at all times. From embracing green energy to supporting companies that have embraced recycling; embrace eco friendliness in all aspects of your life.
  4. Recycling water; hey, how about recycling water in your home so that before you release it off the drain, it serves another purpose. Water used to bath, wash dishes or rinse clothes can be harvested, and sprinkled on the driveway for instance to reduce dust. It can also be recycled to water your lawn and flowers. When showering, don’t dance and sing for 10 minutes; make it brief and essential.
  5. Recycling food; lastly, how do you plan to handle food waste and other kitchen waste in 2018? Well, forget about throwing such in landfills, food recycling is real and effective.  You can prepare compost from food waste in a process known as composting; the resulting organic manure is very ideal for your lawn or garden. IF you have a composting facility in your home the better, the process is pretty easy and straight forward, food waste, tea bags, egg shells; all these will make very good compost that you can use on your garden instead of buying inorganic fertilizer made of harmful chemicals. Food recycling is fun as it is effective.

is a professional waste clearance company in London, our recycling rates are some of the highest you’ll find anywhere in the country. We’ll take care of all the recyclable waste we’ve cleared from your home or business.

For more details on our recycling procedure, just talk to us on 020 8099 9819.

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Why is recycling in London so important explained by Express Waste Removals

Despite being larger and more cosmopolitan when compared to most EU cities, London continues to lag behind when it comes to recycling. Amsterdam, Oslo, Hamburg; the recycling rates here are higher when compared to our very own city. Why is Recycling Important? Recycling is an easy but effective way for everyone to make a positive impact on our world.  Currently, the London Mayor is in the frontline trying to help tackle an influx in plastic bottles across the city. These bottles chock drainage systems, they’re an eyesore when left littering our parks and public spaces; not to mention the long term effects of plastic that finds its way into the Thames and our oceans. Over the years, Express Waste Removals has been leading the way when it comes to recycling; we have helped many London homes and businesses get their waste recycled. We handle all the logistics for you by collecting all the items that you want recycled and transporting them to the nearest recycling plant

Recycling is good for the environment; the first importance of recycling is that it’s good for the environment. It reduces the need to manufacture new products from new raw materials. The amount of harmful greenhouse gases that are emitted when a new product is being manufactured is high; recycling reduces that tremendously. Thus as a city, if we can recycle more products than we’re manufacturing afresh, the better it’d be for the environment.

Good for the people; have you ever thought about the millions of tonnes of waste and rubbish that ends up in landfills? Yet, much of that waste can be recycled and turned into usable items and objects.  Most Londoners are more concerned on getting rubbish removed from their homes and offices; few are eager to find out where and how the waste will be disposed. Which is why when you hire Express Waste Removals, one of the very first things we do is to let you know that we’re passionate about recycling! Be inspired to give out whatever recyclable items you may be possessing. This includes the usual waste, or even junk and clutter idling in your basement and stores. Think of old toys and damaged bicycles your kids don’t use anymore. Think of damaged electronics and old mobile phones. Whatever the case, our waste removers will pick such and ensure that we’ve taken them for recycling.

Waste-Clearance-servicesIt’s fun, beneficial to economy; there are thousands of people who work in the recycling industry in London. They include recycling plants, and the vast network of waste collectors who take the bulk of recyclable materials for recycling. Like we mentioned, it is very important that you find out from the waste removal company whether they recycle their waste. A company that is only interested in the profits and hardly makes any effort to recycle the waste collected should be avoided. But again, not all recycling has to be done in a recycling plant away from home. You can recycle your food waste via composting. Composting is fun and easy, you just need to ensure that the right temperatures, moisture, and mixture are used. Organic homemade compost manure is the best, very ideal for your London home garden, flowers, even flowers on vases.



Express Waste Removals cooperates with some of the leading recycling plants across London. Each time you hire us to handle your home or business waste, rest assured that you’re working with a company is passionate about Mother Nature.  We offer our services to homes and apartments, offices, even real estate companies looking for a waste removal company to handle multiple waste removal exercises, in different locations. Give us a call today or book our services online; it’s easy and takes 2 minutes.

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