How To Do Professional Office Waste Clearance In London?

Are you an office owner or manager in London? Or do you work in an office within London? Well, I got news for you! Each year, over 80.6 milliones tonnes of office waste is generated annually across the UK. This comprises of about 24% of the entire waste we generate as a country. The interesting thing is this; despite 70% of office waste being recyclable, only a small portion of this waste ends up in recycling plants. The rest is carelessly thrown in bins and dumped in landfills. Here at Express Waste Removals, we always emphasis on the importance of combining office waste clearance with eco friendly practices.

It’s not enough that a rubbish removal company has cleared your office of all waste and rubbish. Where is the waste taken from there? Office owners and workers ought to ensure that all their office waste is removed and disposed of in an eco friendly manner.

Check out this guide on how to do proper office waste clearance in London;

  1. First and foremost, sensitize those working in the offices on the importance of embracing eco friendly practices. Office workers are the first line of defense when it comes to effective waste management. Educate them on the need for generating less waste and putting recyclable waste in a different bin. Polythene bags, plastic bottles; these can be minimized by the office employees carrying their own water, food, and bags. Generating less waste makes the office tidier and lowers your waste collection bills.
  2. Sorting office waste; 45% of the papers printed in offices end up in the trash bins by the end of the day. Offices are gradually migrating to paperless transactions, thanks to the advent of computers. But even as such, papers and printing materials are all recyclable. In order to avoid such ending up in landfills, office workers ought to sort their waste before throwing it at the nearest bin. By working with professional rubbish removal company, offices can have different bins located strategically. Recyclable waste can be thrown into one bin, while other unrecyclable rubbish is put in another. This makes things easier for the Removal Company and increases the likelihood that whatever can be recycled will end up in recycling plants.
  3. Regular waste clearance; an average adult person spends more time at work, than at home. It has been proven again and again that a clean, tidy working space helps increase productivity. Make arrangements with your rubbish removal company to have your rubbish bins emptied as frequently as needed. The waste may be removed daily, bi weekly, or weekly depending on how much is being generated. The last thing you want is customers and clients being met by the subtle stench of office waste. Even where there’s no stench, the sight of an overflowing office bin is quite a turn off.
  4. Cleaning up; a responsible rubbish removal company ensures that they clean up before taking the waste away for disposal. Bins have to be cleaned and disinfected or better still, replaced with fresh ones during every clearance. The floor, corridors and driveway should also be cleaned up to ensure no traces of waste and rubbish are left behind.

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Office Clearance Service – What are the wastes collected?

With renovations, installation of new technology and replacement of office equipment, it becomes a matter of time before you require office clearance. This can be conveniently done by professionals who have skilled training in office clearance. Such professionals have the required knowledge needed to clear out your office waste. This waste can include furniture, shredded papers, e-waste, or even electrical equipment.

Hiring a professional office clearance service provider assures you of high-quality services. These professionals will ensure that waste is cleared and disposed of using the most convenient methods. It is also advisable and recommended that businesses hire office clearance service providers who are professional and insured. This is because offices normally harbor the most confidential information and documents. It is, therefore, safer to hire a service that will maintain the confidentiality of your business in case the employees stumble across delicate and confidential information.


Have a look at common office waste;

  1. Waste From Document Relocation;

To begin with, there is waste that comes from relocating and moving documents. Such waste can be generated when official documents are moved from one storage unit to another. You might come to a realization that you had been storing useless documents that aren’t of use and don’t add value to the company. To avoid this, it is recommended to only store vital documents whose value doesn’t depreciate. This could help you avoid wasting space storing less useful documents.

  1. Defective Computer and IT equipment;

In addition to that, offices constantly have IT equipment that needs clearance. For an office to function effectively, it is important for it to have well maintained reliable office equipment. However, office electrical equipment are bound to defect and malfunction once in a while; damaged printers, spoilt TV sets, dead computers, etc. When this happens, most people just stock up a pile of the old equipment in a room. This is however pointless since these items end up using space that could have been used for other important purposes.

  1. Old Staff Uniforms;

Also, it is at times healthy for a company to regularly update the uniforms of its employees. This partially aids in re-branding the company. It also makes the staff appear more presentable and this has a positive effect on the company’s ratings. The old uniforms cannot be donated since most companies tag their uniforms. These uniforms, therefore, need to be cleared from the offices to clear up space.

  1. Wastes from Office Renovation;

Office renovation is an inevitable process that one is likely to take at some point. During these renovations, many office equipment and items are replaced. At the end of the renovation, there may be waste that resulted from wallpaper replacement, old carpets, old and destroyed furniture including tables, chairs, cupboards, and shelves. There might also be renovation debris that could be as a result of tile or wood floors replacements, or wall and ceiling renovations. This is some of the most common waste that should be cleared from your office during or after an office renovation.

  1. Presentation and Display Wastes;

During office presentations, lots of boards and papers are used for presentation. These items are however non-reusable once the presentations are over. Deciding to store these materials would be inconvenient if one adheres to proper and efficient storage practices. It is therefore a good option to have these items cleared as soon as their designated presentations are done with.

Having an office clearance not only ensures effective use of storage space, it also makes your office look neat and well organized. Your potential business partners or investors can use this to gauge a lot about your business.

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