How Express Waste Removals get the job done for Garden Clearance

Garden Waste Clearance

Are you looking for a professional and reliable garden clearance company? A company that has experience clearing gardens and ensuring that all rubbish and trimmings are effectively cleared, and disposed of? Then you are on the right place, Express Waste Removal is a licensed and registered waste carrier, passionately serving the residents of London and the surrounding areas. While gardens are beautiful and help enhance the aesthetic value of our homes and offices, there comes a time when you have to clear all the rubbish therein. This could include anything from polythene bags, plastic bottles, gift wrappings, weeds and trimmed branches or leaves, and so on. While this may seem like a small task, truth is that you need planning, labor, tools, and equipment, not to mention a landfill to dispose of whatever needs to be disposed of. Our man and van waste collectors will do justice to your garden and leave it tidy.

How express waste removals get the job done;

  • Express Waste Removals prides itself of having some of the most experienced garden waste collectors. You don’t have to worry about your plants or flowers being damaged or uprooted during the clearance process; we clear only what’s not needed!
  • Thus when you give us a call, our customer care representatives will seek to know your exact location. How big or small is the garden? Is your home garden, or a garden next to an office or commercial premises? These are some of the things we always seek to find out so that we can dispatch our clearance teams. It also helps us know the kind of tools we’ll need to bring along.
  • In most cases, 90% of all garden waste can be recycled or used for other constructive purposes! Our company attaches great importance to recycling and in this regard, we will always advise you on the best way to utilize what has been cleared from your garden. For instance, did you know that mulching, composting, are good ways of making use of your garden waste? A compost site is easy to make and run and the compost you end up with is 100% organic and very fertile.
  • Our man and van teams are always equipped with safety gear and the right tools for the job. If there are any branches, twigs, or branches that need to be chopped into smaller pieces for easier transportation, we will do that very fast. You’ll just sit aside and watch the job get done; we do all the hard work, and then load the waste.
  • We will also give you a free no-obligation quote, and this is not final as we can always negotiate the final fee when we come to your premises. Our rates are actually some of the most affordable here in London, with a minimum load being charged £ 25, while a full load may cost you around £ 250. Once we agree on the amount of waste to be cleared and how much you’ll pay, we never charge you for anything else! Some of our clients have voiced fears and concerns that they have been forced to pay loading fees, parking fees and other ridiculous charged. Express waste removals don’t do that, we load and clean up thereafter at absolutely no extra cost.

How To Make Use Of Your Garden Waste;

Garden waste can also refer to the waste you get from your kitchen like food leftovers, tea bags, eggshells, and so on. Now, all these can be collected into a composting site as we mentioned and then converted into compost or manure. How is this done? This is done by combining what’s known as green waste and brown waste in the right ratio. For instance, take the green twigs and leaves trimmed from your garden, then add in some eggshells, sawdust, and mix them all together. You have to ensure that you continually mix and turn this combination so that it can decompose evenly. The compost may take a week or two before it’s ready for use in your garden. You can use the compost on your flower vases, kitchen garden, give to a neighbor, or even sell it to a willing buyer. The fact that compost is 100% organic makes it the best option in comparison to artificially manufactures fertilizers.

Express Waste Removals Offers And Discounts;

In the spirit of appreciating all our loyal clients who have stuck with us as well as new ones interested in our services, Express Waste Removals is pleased to inform you that we are now offering handsome discounts! Each time you hire our home or office waste clearance services, we will also clear your garden at incredibly discounted prices! Feel free to give us a call on 020 8099 9819 for more details. You can also book us online, there’s an easy online form where you can leave your details and our representatives will get back to you promptly. Let’s clear your garden today, we assure you of professional services that will leave you satisfied and pleased.