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House Clearance

Express Waste Removals provides high-quality house clearance services in Greater London and covers up to 40 miles outside the M25 border. Our services are available in all areas in London and are provided at the best prices.  We can help you get rid of old and faulty white goods, electrical appliances, sofas, tables, desks, other furniture, sinks, bathtubs and other junk. Our team will collect, gather and move unwanted large, small, bulky, heavy and broken items from your bathroom, kitchen or other rooms in your house.

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Average household residual waste composition

27%Kitchen Organics

6%Garden Organics

27%Paper and Card










House Clearance

Declutter Your Life

You can free up so much space in your home at a great price if you use the high-quality waste collection which Express offers. We have reasonable rates, excellent customer support and free quotes. Furthermore, we recycle as much of the owners’ trash as possible, therefore making us more eco-friendly than many other companies. Our men have vans and trucks of all sizes with advanced GPS systems which can gather large electrical appliances, white goods, all types of furniture, kitchen and bathroom sanitary ware, sinks and rubbish.

To get rid of the clutter in your house and to free up space, give us a call and let us handle your house clearance needs. We have worked in houses and flats of all sizes providing loading, disposal, and recycling at the most affordable prices. You will receive a free and no obligatory quote which will be put into practice at the most convenient time for your family. We carry out our household waste removal with minimum disruption to the owners of the property. Spare yourself the trouble of hiring pricey skips and let us do the hard work for you.

House Clearance
House clearance prices

If You Don’t Use It,
Dispose of It

Our men can move and dispose of your old mattresses, TV sets, carpets, tables, bathroom fixtures, white goods, clothes and all kinds of stuff. You will receive professional house clearance services for your home if you choose us. We have been working with homeowners for many years and knew how to meet people’s demands. Use our online booking platform, e-mail or phone number to specify all details concerning the clearance you need and our men won’t disappoint you. You will have more free space for your new electric appliances, kitchen and bathroom furniture, sofas, beds, and other possessions. In case you need to refresh you home, our services will make the process smoother, easier and stress-free. Leave the lifting, transporting and disposing of your unwanted possessions to the professionals who know exactly how to deal with them.

House Clearance Prices

The prices are based on the VOLUME and the WEIGHT of the rubbish.

If you are not sure how much cost your rubbish to be disposed of, please send us some photos via WhatsApp ( 07773 88 99 88 ) or by using our “contact us” form. You can also send us an e-mail : Please have in mind that the exact cost we can give you only when our junk collection team comes to your property.

The prices, illustrated below are for single item. However, if you have more of these, we do big discounts, based on how big the collection is. Example: If you have only one 2-seater sofa, the price is £60. If if have one 2-seater sofa, armchair, 3-seater sofa and some other sofa- house clearance at it is, the price will be considerable less, than if you add one by one all these items.


smaller ( 12 Yards )- £300 ( up to 1000 kg or the volume of the rubbish one meter from the roof of the van )

bigger ( 16 Yards )- £420 ( up to 1500 kg or the volume of the rubbish one meter from the roof of the van )

Bags with ( food and mixed rubbish )

  • £40

    5 Bags
  • £60

    10 Bags
  • £75

    15 Bags
  • £90

    20 Bags
  • £110

    25 Bags
  • £120

    30 Bags
  • £140

    35 Bags
  • £150

    40 Bags


  • Building rubbish removal: Rubble, Hard Core / Inert One tonne of rubble, (30kg per bag) equates to approximately 30-35 bags of rubble and debris.
  • Labour Allowance: Our labor allowance is priced for two people. All our vehicles are operated by two-person teams.
  • Payment methods: We accept cash, credit or debit cards ( including American Express ) and BACS. Unfortunately, we do not accept cheques.
  • Opening an account: We can arrange accounts for regular commercial customers. If you are interested in opening an account with us or would like to know more, please send your request to

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