How to Dispose of Printers? – Say Goodbye to Your Old Printer

The most prevalent electronic devices in any office setting, whether it be a home office or a commercial structure, are printers, copiers, and fax machines. How to dispose of a printer has become a problem that affects more and more people. This is because of wear and tear from repeated usage and the steady flow of new items.

Business owners must know how to dispose of a printer like any other waste properly. Even if you only use a printer at home, you should still take care to dispose of it properly. If you don’t, hazardous waste will accumulate in landfills.

The Methods to Dispose of Printers Properly

Think about recycling, giving, selling, and locating trade-in offers when deciding how to dispose of old printers properly. Then, let’s see how to dispose of those printers.

Recycle the Printers

Recycle the Printers

Recycling is a quick and comparatively simple method of removing obsolete printers. Here are a few possibilities for recycling.

Big-box Retailers

Retailers like Best Buy frequently have recycling bins inside their stores so customers may dispose of their printers in the appropriate containers. Target, Staples, and Office Depot are additional retailers offering recycling initiatives. Recycling your e-waste should be easy because most towns have one of these big chains nearby.

E-waste collection centres

Going to an e-waste collection centre is an additional choice. Depending on where you reside, there might be a centre nearby. See city hall or county websites for information on e-waste drop-off locations and hours. Utilising a recycling facility is an easy solution that solves your issue in an eco-friendly way. Additionally, you can recycle or get rid of your used toner and printer ink cartridges.

To Manufacturers

To Manufacturers

You could also get in touch with the printer’s maker. To find out if they will accept your printers, get in touch with Epson, Canon, HP, Sony, and Samsung first. All of these companies have electronic waste recycling and take-back programmes. As part of their take-back initiatives, the businesses might only accept a select number of devices.

Donate the Printers

Trash to one person may be a treasure to another. Here are some suggestions about where to donate outdated printers

To Community

Even though you can recycle outdated printers, supporting charities is always a good idea. Numerous groups, including schools, recreation centres, community organisations, thrift stores, charities, and non-profits, will be pleased to accept the printers and put them to good use if they are still functional. In addition, you’ll establish a solid brand reputation inside the neighbourhood in community.

To Organisation for Electronic Exchange

Numerous organisations concentrate on giving away computers and computer accessories to those in need. First, find a local charity via the internet, then inquire about donating your used printer to them.

To Schools

To Schools

You can donate your printer to nearby charities, schools, or non-profits if it’s still in good working order. Locate a few charities in your community and contribute your printer to assist them.

The success of your endeavours may increase if you select smaller businesses. To identify someone who could require a new printer, look for more recent causes in your neighbourhood.

Consider donating outdated computers, computer monitors, and other unwanted electrical devices in addition to your printers so that they can help organisations that use technology.

Sell Your Printers

There are various methods to transform your old printers into cash if they’re in decent condition. Here are a few locations where used printers can be sold.

To Repair shops

You can still recoup some of your investment, even if your old printers are no longer functional, by selling them to salvage yards and repair facilities. However, depending on where you reside, you might need to spend some time looking for these locations before calling to confirm that your brand and kind of printer are accepted.

Through social media

Through social media

Create a Facebook post or join buy-and-sell groups to sell your printer locally. There are many options to sell used technology through social forums and groups; however, these groups might get crowded.

Through Online Markets

Listing your stuff for sale on websites like eBay or Gumtree is a great idea. For example, snap a photo of your printer, make a note of its make and model, and list it for sale online.

Typically, stickers on the printer’s bottom or back will identify the brand and model.

  • Make sure to note in the posting if there is anything wrong with the printer or if it needs to be fixed. For parts or to repair and resell later, people may still be interested in buying a broken printer.
  • If you need help determining the amount to ask for your printer, consider looking at listings for printers in comparable condition to get an idea of what to charge.

Although selling printers occasionally can be a headache, it’s an excellent method to reduce the price of buying a new printer. Since printers are typically expensive, selling a used printer for a few hundred euros can be significant for some small firms.


Don’t simply discard your outdated printers in the garbage. Used printers and other types of e-waste can be safely disposed of through recycling programmes. If you choose not to recycle, consider donating to a nearby charity. If you donate the equipment to a charity, you could even be able to claim a tax break. Try selling the printer to help pay for its replacement if you want to avoid taking either of those actions.


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