How to Get Rid of Old Shoes in the UK?

You have an old, used pair of sneakers in the back of your closet that have been there for a long time. Every time you pull them out and hold them above the trash can, despite your repeated promises to yourself that you will get rid of them, you begin to doubt whether you should really be simply throwing them out. There are a lot of better options. Here’s how to properly dispose of old shoes.

Are There Any Shoes You Can’t Recycle? 

When it comes to waste recycling, like shoes, the rules can sometimes feel like a tangled mess. Are there any shoes that simply can’t be recycled? Well, from a physical standpoint, no. But from a logistics standpoint, unfortunately, yes.

Some companies are willing to accept all shoes regardless of their construction or materials. They’re up for the challenge of grinding them up into reusable materials. However, others are more selective and will only take shoes that are easy to process.

Are There Any Shoes You Can’t Recycle

So what makes some pairs too expensive or troublesome to recycle? Cleats or buckles can pose challenges in the recycling process. Leather materials or certain types of plastics may also make companies hesitant due to the extra effort required to disassemble them.

But fear not! There’s still hope for those hard-to-recycle kicks. You have options! One way is by taking matters into your own hands and breaking down the shoe yourself, removing any components that aren’t accepted by recycling programs. Alternatively, you can search for alternative places that specialize in recycling specific shoe components.

Remember: while some limitations exist in shoe recycling practices due to cost factors, there are always solutions if you’re determined enough. So don’t give up on finding a sustainable solution for your unwanted footwear just yet!

How to Get Rid of Old Shoes in the UK?

Donate Your Old Shoe 

Giving to thrift stores and donation centres is a great way to support individuals in need. It not only lowers the cost of clothing but also promotes sustainability. Your old shoes will help to strengthen this cycle of support.

Donating your old shoes is incredibly easy and convenient. Drop them off at the closest bin, or organize for shipment. With this simple action, you can declutter your life while having a positive effect on both the environment and other people’s lives.

The next time you have unwanted footwear, donating it instead of tossing it away is an easy way to help those in need, reduce waste, and support local initiatives. A simple act of kindness that makes a difference!


You can put those worn-out boots to good use and turn them into a fashionable book bag. With a bit of reworking and some straps, you’ll have an accessory that will draw all kinds of attention.

If you’re feeling creative, why not take your old shoes and turn them into something special? Upcycle them into a funky sculpture or fashion an outstanding wall display. Make use of this opportunity to express yourself and create something truly remarkable.


But it doesn’t end there – some people have further risen to the challenge of upcycling by repurposing their old shoes into birdhouses and planters. This technique not only helps the environment but provides an aesthetically pleasing way of reusing things that would otherwise be discarded.

Upcycling has the potential to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. A fresh perspective can give a second life to previously discarded items, breathing new vigour into them. So go for it – let your creativity run wild and upcycle those shoes!

Adidas take-back scheme

Got some Adidas shoes that need to be replaced? Adidas and Stuffstr have teamed up to provide customers a sustainable means of getting rid of their used Adidas gear. Simply return your used shoes to Stuffstr, where they will be recycled or resold depending on quality, and you’ll receive a coupon for the Adidas online store.

Asics take-back scheme

Asics take-back scheme

The recycling programme offered by Asics is a fantastic way to get rid of worn-out footwear from any brand. Good shoes are given new homes, while worn-out ones are recycled into everything from dishcloths to toy stuffing. You receive a voucher for your future Asics purchase in addition to your donation to the programme, so it’s a win-win!


In conclusion, any method you choose to get rid of your old shoes is better than throwing them away in the trash bin! So take action today and give new life to your neglected footwear while making a positive difference in our world! If you hire a rubbish removal service for other purposes, you may ask them to take these old shoes with them.

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