Kensington and Chelsea Rubbish Collection

Let’s face it, piles of unwanted clutter can tarnish even the most royal borough. Don’t let rubbish ruin your Kensington haven! Express Waste Removals is here to whisk away your junk, leaving you with a sparkling, clean space and a lighter conscience.

We are not just any rubbish removal company. We are Kensington’s tidy-up champions, equipped with purpose-built vehicles and a team of friendly, experienced professionals. Whether you’re clearing out post-renovation debris, replacing old furniture, or simply decluttering your home, we handle it all – from garden waste to construction materials.

And the best part? We are passionate about keeping Kensington beautiful, both inside and out. We recycle over 90% of the waste we collect, ensuring your rubbish gets a responsible second life. So, ditch the hassle and guilt. Book your rubbish removal today, and let us take care of the dirty work while you enjoy a cleaner, greener Kensington.

About Kensington & Chelsea


About Kensington and Chelsea Rubbish Collection

Kensington & Chelsea isn’t just a borough; it’s a portal to a world where history and luxury intertwine. From Roman whispers to Victorian grandeur, this borough boasts a rich tapestry woven through elegant squares, grand mansions, and picturesque parks. Immerse yourself in the Natural History Museum’s dino-mite halls, feel the pulse of fashion on King’s Road, or unravel the royal secrets whispered within Kensington Palace’s walls.

Beyond the grand facades, Kensington & Chelsea hums with a modern energy. Art galleries showcase vibrant creations, and trendy cafes tempt with aromatic brews, and bustling markets offer treasures to discover. Whether you’re a history buff seeking whispers of the past or a fashionista craving the latest trends, this borough has a hidden gem waiting to be found.

Recycling in Kensington and Chelsea

At Express Waste Removals, we believe every step towards a greener future counts. That’s why we proudly offer comprehensive recycling services in Kensington and Chelsea, diverting over 75% of waste from landfill each year. From paper and cardboard boxes to plastics, glass, metal, and even e-waste, we’ve got you covered.

But we’re not just about collecting – we’re about empowering. We provide expert advice on proper recycling, ensuring your waste goes to the right place every time. And with convenient collection options like doorstep pick-up, we make recycling effortless.

Join us in our mission to create a cleaner, healthier Kensington and Chelsea. Choose Express Waste Removals for your recycling needs and experience the difference. Get your free quote today, and let’s make Kensington and Chelsea a green haven, one recycled item at a time!

Waste Collections with Express Waste Removals

Waste Collections with Express Waste Removals

From overflowing bins to bulky furniture, Kensington and Chelsea residents and businesses can breathe easy knowing Express Waste Removals has their back. We collect everything from everyday household waste and garden trimmings to bulky appliances and even hazardous materials, ensuring your space stays clutter-free.

No more rigid schedules! We offer flexible weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pick-ups to perfectly match your needs. Our friendly crew arrives promptly, efficiently loads your waste, and leaves your space sparkling clean – all without the hassle.

And because we’re passionate about our planet, we boast a state-of-the-art recycling centre right here in Kensington and Chelsea. We diligently sort and process paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal, giving your waste a second life and reducing landfill impact.

At Express Waste Removals, we’re more than just waste collectors; we’re your partners in convenience and environmental responsibility. Contact us today for a free quote and experience the Express difference – clean spaces, clear consciences, and a greener Kensington and Chelsea, one pick-up at a time!