Kingston Upon Thames Rubbish Collection

About Kingston upon Thames

Kingston upon Thames, commonly known as Kingston, is a historic town located in the southwest of London, United Kingdom. It is situated on the banks of the River Thames and is part of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

In Kingston upon Thames, rubbish collection is efficiently managed to maintain the town’s cleanliness and environmental sustainability. The local authorities in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames prioritize an organized and reliable rubbish collection system, ensuring that residents have convenient access to waste disposal services.

About Kingston upon Thames

Regular collections are carried out, and the town encourages responsible waste management practices among its residents. This commitment to effective rubbish collection contributes to the overall well-maintained and appealing environment of Kingston upon Thames, reflecting the town’s dedication to both its residents’ quality of life and the preservation of its natural surroundings.

House Clearance in Kingston

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House Clearance Price

House Clearance Price

Our house clearance prices are determined by both the volume and weight of the rubbish, providing a fair and transparent pricing system. If you’re uncertain about the cost of disposing of your items, simply share some photos with us through WhatsApp at 07773 88 99 88, our “contact us” form, or via email at Please note that an exact cost can only be provided when our junk collection team assesses your property in person.

The prices listed below are for single items, but keep in mind that substantial discounts apply to larger collections. For instance, if you have only a 2-seater sofa, the price is £60. However, if you have a combination of items like a 2-seater sofa, armchair, 3-seater sofa, and other furnishings for a complete house clearance, the overall cost will be significantly less than adding up each item individually.

House Clearance Prices:

  • Smaller (12 Yards): £300 (up to 1000 kg or the volume of the rubbish one meter from the roof of the van)
  • Bigger (16 Yards): £420 (up to 1500 kg or the volume of the rubbish one meter from the roof of the van)

Our pricing structure ensures flexibility and affordability, delivering a tailored solution for your specific house clearance needs.