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About Lambeth

Lambeth stretches south from the mighty Thames. For residents seeking a fuss-free solution to their bulky waste woes, Express Waste Removals stands as the champion. We’re not just your average rubbish crew; we’re Lambeth’s premier bulky waste removal specialists, licensed, insured, and ready to tackle any unwanted behemoth, from pianos to renovation debris. Forget the hassle of haggling with picky waste collectors – our comprehensive service embraces a wide range of bulky items, big or burly. Whether you’re a homeowner purging outdated furniture or a business clearing out old equipment, Express Waste Removals is your on-demand answer to a clutter-free Lambeth. So, ditch the stress and let us handle the heavy lifting – your bulky waste disposal is just a phone call away.

Garden Waste Removals in Lambeth 

Garden Waste Removals in Lambeth - Lambeth Rubbish Collection

A thriving garden brings joy, but keeping it beautiful requires regular pruning, mowing, and weeding. All that hard work generates plenty of garden waste – leaves, branches, twigs, and spent plants. Don’t let it overwhelm your haven! Express Waste Removals, Lambeth’s premier fully-licensed garden waste collection team, is here to take it off your hands.

We collect a wide range of garden debris, from leaves and branches to old compost and plant debris, making it easy to keep your garden tidy and healthy. No more lugging heavy bags to the tip – our convenient service handles everything, from doorstep collection to eco-friendly disposal.

Ready to reclaim your garden’s tidiness? Visit our website for pricing and booking, or call us today for a hassle-free quote. Let us handle the green gunk so you can focus on nurturing your green thumb!

Environmentally Friendly

Express Waste Removals is committed to turning your garden waste into fuel for the environment. We know that well-managed garbage may produce rich compost that will nourish gardens and landscapes in the future. That is why we expertly sort and recycle over 80% of the garden waste we collect, ensuring responsible disposal and minimizing landfill impact.

Type of Back Yard Waste

Type of Back Yard Waste

At Express Waste Removals, we understand the diverse needs of green-fingered Lambeth gardeners. That’s why we offer a comprehensive garden waste collection service, taking care of everything from delicate flowers and foliage to sturdy branches and heavy soil heaps.

Our green thumbs love to tackle:

  • Blooming beautifies: Flowers, plants, and potted greenery.
  • Weed warriors: We conquer unwanted weeds from grass, paths, and decking.
  • Timber tamers: From fallen branches to old fencing, we’ll handle your woody waste.
  • Grass gladiators: Lush lawns mean plenty of clippings – we’ll take them on!
  • Leaf liberators: Autumn leaves? No problem! We’ll whisk them away.
  • Soil saviors: Excess soil? We’ll give it a new home (or dispose of it responsibly).
  • Pot power: We’ll collect and recycle those old plastic plant pots.
  • Rubble rousers: From demolition debris to renovation remnants, we’ll clear it all.
  • Festive finales: We’ll even take care of your old Christmas tree, leaving your garden fresh for the new year.

This is just a sample list, and we’re always happy to tackle unique garden waste challenges. So, if you have something not mentioned above, give us a call! We’re confident we can handle it, no matter how big or small.