Rubbish Collection Eltham

About Eltham

Eltham, located in Southeast London, is known for its historic charm, featuring landmarks like Eltham Palace and Gardens. This vibrant suburb seamlessly combines green spaces with a rich cultural heritage, offering a diverse and welcoming community. If you need a waste removal service in Eltham, contact us!

We provide high-quality waste removal services in Eltham, South East London, aiming to satisfy your demands while also providing excellent value. We can handle everything from kitchen appliance and furniture removals to full house clearances and builders’ rubbish removal.

About Eltham

You will have access to the Kimmeridge Road recycling site as an Eltham resident. However, if you need to remove huge amounts of trash or have cumbersome objects to dispose of, this may not be the best option. We may provide a handy option by visiting at a pre-arranged time to remove rubbish at a very low price. In each given condition or setting, we’ll identify the ideal alternative for you.

Please contact us to discuss Eltham waste removal. Call 020 8099 9819 or send an email to

Services We Provide for Eltham Residents

Removal of Domestic Waste

Some people store dry and bulky waste in their yards or drives. Please feel free to discuss the types of objects you need cleared with us, and we will offer you a quote. Our services are reasonably priced and are determined based on the volume and weight of your waste.

Recycling and upcycling of furniture

Our team can collect any type of furniture, including tables, chairs, sofas, and beds. We take care not to harm any of your belongings during the relocation process. If any furniture can still be saved, we will deliver it to one of our partner agencies.

Clearance of the Garden and Lawn

Cleaning up loose branches, past-their-prime flowers, and grass clippings can be a chore. We offer a full garden clearance service, including the disposal of gathered garden garbage, shrubs, plants, and other items.

What sets Express Waste Removals apart?

What sets Express Waste Removals apart

  1. Great Availability: We operate seven days a week, including holidays, ensuring accessibility whenever you need us.
  2. Prompt Reactions: Same-day service is a definite possibility, showcasing our commitment to quick and efficient responses.
  3. Skilled Team: Our team is thoroughly vetted and battle-tested, ensuring professionalism and expertise in waste removal.
  4. Local Service Provider: Being a local service provider, we are intimately familiar with the area and can respond promptly to your needs.
  5. Variety of Waste Collected: We handle almost any kind of junk you can think of, providing a comprehensive solution to your waste removal needs.

How does it work?

At Express Waste Removals, we’ve streamlined the process of rubbish removal in New Eltham. All we ask from our customers is to get in touch and describe the type and approximate quantity of rubbish they have. From there, we schedule a date and time for our junk removal specialists to arrive. Upon arrival, an inspection takes place, the volume of rubbish is confirmed, and a final quote is provided. The rest involves the removal of the rubbish destined for recycling centres.