Rubbish Removal North London

About North London

North London is a dynamic and diverse region of the UK capital, boasting a mix of distinct neighbourhoods, cultural attractions, and expansive green spaces. From the eclectic energy of Camden Market to the tranquil beauty of Hampstead Heath, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Iconic landmarks such as Emirates Stadium and Alexandra Palace draw visitors from near and far, while the Barbican Centre serves as a cultural hub for arts and entertainment.

About North London

The area’s cultural diversity is evident in its vibrant communities, reflected in its rich food scene and lively festivals. North London’s residential areas range from bustling urban centres like Islington and Camden to leafy suburbs such as Hampstead and Highgate, each offering its own unique charm.

With excellent transportation links, including the London Underground and Overground, getting around North London is easy, with major transport hubs like King’s Cross St Pancras providing connections to the rest of the city and beyond. Whether exploring its cultural hotspots, enjoying its green spaces, or immersing oneself in its diverse communities, North London offers a vibrant and captivating experience for residents and visitors alike.

Average Household Residual Waste Composition

The average composition of household residual waste reflects a diverse range of materials, with a significant portion comprising 27% kitchen organics and 6% garden organics, highlighting the organic nature of much of our waste. Paper and card account for another substantial portion at 27%, followed by glass at 6% and metals at 3%.

Textiles and plastics make up 4% and 12%, respectively, indicating the presence of both fabric-based and plastic items. Notably, hazardous waste comprises 0%, while sanitary items and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) each make up 1% of the total waste composition.

Wood and miscellaneous items collectively contribute 13% to the residual waste stream, underscoring the varied nature of household waste.

Building Waste Removal Services in North London

Our building waste removal services cater specifically to North London, providing an optimal solution for projects of any size within the region. Whether you’re undertaking renovations, repairs, or construction work in North London, our services are designed to streamline the process by efficiently clearing away junk and builder’s leftovers.

Building Waste Removal Services in North London

With the bustling activity of workers and regular deliveries of new materials, maintaining a clutter-free environment is essential to ensure smooth progress. Our dedicated teams are equipped to swiftly remove dust, debris, and waste, allowing your project in North London to proceed without delays. Reach out to us, and we’ll promptly dispatch a team to your location within North London on the same day, ensuring your property remains organized and ready for further work.

Price of Building Waste Removal Service

Our building waste removal service pricing is as follows:

  • £60 for up to 5 bags of building materials, approximately 100kg.
  • £90 for up to 10 bags of building materials, approximately 200kg.
  • £130 for up to 15 bags of building materials, approximately 300kg.
  • £180 for up to 20 bags of building materials, equivalent to half a tonne (approx. 500 kg).
  • £280 for up to 35 bags of building materials, approximately 700kg.
  • £360 for up to 50 bags of building materials, approximately 1000kg.

Please note that these prices are applicable if you already have all the building rubbish securely bagged. If not, we will need to assess the situation individually, as factors such as the distance between the waste and our van parking location can affect the labour required to load our vans.