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Rubbish Removal London

Same Day Rubish Removal In London

We are the leading company when it comes to same day rubbish removal services in London.

As the name says, Express Waste Removals from homes, flats, commercial properties and gardens where you want to dispose of your junk as soon as you wish.

We have the largest group of waste removal professional working at our company ready for on call junk removals in London.

As you know, when you need a reliable company at a hurry, you go to and search for a junk removal and nothing better than having a company to come and collect your unwanted items on the same day.

When we starting the company in London Stan and Tony wanted to be different and they hired teams that can join the company for the fast phased work environment. Express Waste Removals stands for its name and delighted to say that we are leading junk waste collection and disposals company in London.

office clearance londonGetting rid of your rubbish in London should not be a complicated affair. Whether yours is home rubbish, office waste, it doesn’t matter; you just need a service provider who’s professional and reliable. It is important you hire same day removal services in London; you might require same day rubbish removal services during different situations that make it necessary. For example, during home renovations, you might have waste that needs to be cleared out on the same day. Other than that, construction sites may also need these services to clear out the rubbish and junk before resuming work the following day. Same day junk clearance is a vital key to ensuring that rubbish is cleared fast and effectively, on short notice.

Here is why you should Hire Us for Same Day Rubbish Removal;

  1. We Offer Upfront Pricing;

Our same day Rubbish removal services focus on honesty and openness. For this particular reason, we openly share our pricing on our website. This helps our clients view the pricing for different types of packages offered. The client, later on, sends us a booking together with the specifications needed for their same day rubbish removal. This establishes trust between us and our clients in a way that they can be sure that there will be no other extra charges during the booking of our services.

  1. We offer Agreeable Scheduling and Customer Service to our Clients;

In addition to that, we offer reliable scheduling that provides our clients with seven days a week booking window. Since clients can decide to book same day service removal services at any point, our customer care representatives are always available 24/7; always available to respond to your queries at any time. If you are looking forward to hiring the same day rubbish removal London, make a point of reaching out to our contact number (020 8099 9819), who will guide you through the booking process.

  1. We Offer Eco-Friendly and Sensible destruction;

When we come to your home for rubbish removal, we will sort all the waste, and separate what can be recycled, reused, and what requires permanent disposal. We separate them and label them ensuring that rubbish that can be reused is donated to charity or to people who could make use of them. Old furniture can be given to carpenters who can remodel them into useful items. For permanent disposal, we are licensed carriers who can transport such to designated landfills. But in most cases, most of the rubbish we collect can be recycled or reused.

  1. Our Company is Insured and Licensed;

As a London home owner or office owner, it is advisable to hire services that are both licensed and insured. These are qualities that we possess; we’re thus responsible for liability insurance of our employees in case accidents occur in your premises in the line of duty. In addition to that, we have good experience working as a rubbish removal service provider. With this, you can rest assured that we provide high-quality same day rubbish removal services in London.

  1. We offer Fast and Reliable Services;

As mentioned earlier, we offer convenient scheduling and customer service to our clients. By this, it means that we can avail our services in less than 24 hours after your booking. This is convenient for clients who make last-minute decisions to have their rubbish removed from their premises within a short period of time. With this, you do not have to worry about how to or who will remove the rubbish piled up in your home. Hire us to get rid of your rubbish instantly.

Same Day Rubbish Removals benefits:

 Same day waste disposal
 Cheap rubbish collection prices
 Price flexibility based on rubbish collected
 Insured and fully certified junk removal operators
 Working on weekends at NO extra charge!

Same Day Rubbish Removal Service London

Need help? We are open until 22:00 pm every day !

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Please note that we do not collect hazardous waste and materials such as asbestos and clinical waste. You are required by law to notify us at point of collection booking if your waste contains any hazardous materials and asbestos. We will not be held responsible if you fail to inform us of any materials or substances considered dangerous that are contained in the waste you want us to collect.

Please respect the public’s and our staff’s health and their right to work in a safe environment!

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