How to Dispose of an Electric Kettle?


Kettles and other electrical appliances discarded because of small problems are piling up in our landfills. It’s always a good idea to investigate alternative means of fixing or disposing of kettles and other appliances correctly in order to contribute to reducing the amount of unwanted appliances ending up in landfills. In addition to reducing manufacturing and waste, this can help these products last longer and remain in use. Here, we will see some steps to dispose of the electric kettle.

Repaired the Kettle 

Repaired the Kettle

You might be able to bring your kettle to your neighbourhood appliance repair business, depending on its state. Most of the time, these folks can resolve simple problems at a reasonable price. Your kettle will last longer, and avoid going to waste if you do this.

In the event that your kettle is beyond repair, some businesses may even purchase it from you at a steep discount so they can disassemble it and use the parts.

Contact the Manufacturer 

An excellent place to start would be to get in touch with the store where you bought your kettle. Retailers are required to provide their customers with a recycling option. But there might be a fee for this. In fact, some stores might even give you a little discount if you buy your next kettle from them.

The majority of well-known manufacturers will either have their own recycling scheme or will give you recycling advice. This is always the best option because the kettle will be disposed of properly, and you can even receive a discount on a subsequent kettle purchase.

How to Dispose of an Electric Kettle?

Donate to Charity 

How to Dispose of an Electric Kettle - Donate to Charity

Giving your used electric kettle to a nearby thrift shop or charity is one alternative. In this manner, you will be contributing to your community and helping someone in need find a new home for your kettle. Make sure your kettle is still functional, and give it a thorough cleaning before donating.

Hand it to the Recycling Centre

You can always take your electric kettle to a waste recycling centre nearby if the above options don’t work for you. The majority of places have a nearby recycling facility where different materials are collected and recycled to create new materials or products.

You just need to drop off your kettle at the centre, and they will handle the correct recycling of the parts, preventing hazardous materials from ending up in landfills. For scrap metal, some places might even pay a nominal fee. It is advisable to give the facility a ring in advance to find out if electric kettles are accepted. Certain recycling facilities might only accept conventional kettles.

Put it in Household Trash

There are times when the only thing you can do is throw your electric kettle in the household trash. This can be the best course of action if the kettle is irreparably damaged or if any of the parts are dangerous. But because it adds to landfill debris, it’s important to remember that this procedure should only be utilized as a last resort. Before throwing any appliances in the garbage, make sure to check the waste management regulations in your area. 

How to Reuse the Electric Kettle?

The best thing about sustainability is that it broadens your perspective, even though recycling is fantastic. It is not necessary to limit yourself to an item’s intended use. For example, most things have numerous uses, so be free to use your imagination and use your electric kettle, whatever you choose, provided that is in accordance with its condition.

Flowering Pot

Flowering Pot

Although it’s not impossible to use an electric kettle in the same way as a traditional rustic kettle, it makes a great flower pot. Just place some dirt in the holes that you drilled at the bottom. Plant some seeds and give them regular watering to ensure that they become a lovely plant. Ensure that it receives an appropriate amount of sunshine.

Watering Can

It’s not hard to turn your electric kettle into a watering can; no modifications are needed. If you’re a green thumb, it will work extremely well for you. Just put water in the kettle and use it to water your plants. Naturally, you have to use caution when watering small plants.

Measuring Jug

An electric kettle usually has a printed measuring scale on it. You can use your electric kettle to measure liquids until it breaks down due to overheating. You can always make your own marker if there isn’t one. For all of your measuring needs, just take out a measuring tape and a Sharpie to mark the scale. This will be a pleasure to use and will make things easier for you if you have a strong interest in baking or cooking.