What to Do With Clothes Hangers?

Tired of all the clutter in your closet from that stack of clothes hangers? Never fear! We’ve got some excellent ideas on how to reuse them and turn them into something special. But before we get creative, let’s answer a fundamental question: Can you recycle old clothes hangers? The response is both yes and no, depending on what kind of hanger it is and the regulations of your local recycling center. Not only can you use up all those pesky wires, but you can also have a blast doing so. So, put down that cup of tea or coffee and come experience this journey with us to see just how amazing these once-ordinary items can become!

Are Hangers Recyclable?

When it comes to the recycling of clothes hangers, the answer is a bit more complex. Hangers come in different sizes and shapes made from different substances with varying compositions. The potential of recyclability largely depends on these factors.

Hold on – let’s look at this closer. Waste recycling centers often have their own criteria for what they can and cannot take, which may include hangers. Sadly, it is not certain that all centers will accept them.

Are Hangers Recyclable

When it comes to recyclability, not all hangers are equal. You need to look into each type separately and see if your local recycling center will accept them.

Having clarified any confusion, it’s time to explore the different types of hangers and whether they can be recycled. Keep your beverage handy for some exciting revelations!

Can You Recycle Plastic Hangers?

Plastic hangers certainly are popular, but do they have the same success story when it comes to recycling? Unfortunately not. While many types of plastic can be recycled, hangers are not part of that group. It’s a surprising fact and might come as a shock, but the truth is that you won’t be able to give your hangers new life through recycling.

Seeing plastic hangers that seem to be made of something other than pure plastic can leave many scratching their heads. Because recycling centers need to identify the types of plastics they’re handling, identifying these mixed materials can prove to be a challenge.

Unfortunately, identifying and separating the various plastics from hangers makes recycling them a challenge. Nevertheless, there is still hope for your old plastic hangers.

Don’t throw those plastic hangers in the trash, as it will only add to landfill waste. Give them a second life instead: donate them to thrift stores, where they will be given new homes and keep serving their purpose.

When it comes to recycling plastic hangers, unfortunately, the answer is no. However, you can still find a use for them as they are not completely unrecyclable.

Can You Recycle Wood Hangers?

Wood hangers are strong and long-lasting, yet unfortunately cannot be recycled. This is the result of the finish treatments applied by makers, including varnish, which contain elements that cannot undergo the recycling process.

Although they may not be recyclable, there are other ways to give wood hangers a second life. Donating them to thrift stores or charity organizations could prevent them from being thrown away and aid those in need simultaneously.

Can You Recycle Wood Hangers

If you’re feeling creative, why not repurpose your old wood hangers instead? Transform them into decorative wall hooks or jewelry organizers with just a minimal effort and some basic tools. Unleash your imagination and explore the possibilities these hangers can be upcycled into!

Recycling isn’t a viable option for wood hangers, but there are many other ways to get the most use out of them before you have to discard them.

What to Do With Clothes Hangers?


Donating your used wire hangers to a charity or organization is an easy way to find them a new purpose. Thrift stores, crisis shelters, group homes, nursing facilities and dry cleaners may all have a need for these types of hangers. In some cases, you might even receive a discount from the dry cleaner if you return theirs.


If you can’t find a beneficiary for your wire hangers, or they’ve become too worn to use, contact your local recycling plant to inquire if they accept them. Most wire hangers are produced from low-carbon steel which is recyclable, so collect any wire hangers you may have from your neighbourhood, church or school and take them in bulk for recycling. The money received can be donated to a noble cause.



If you’re in the mood to spruce up your closet, why not make some unique, decorative hangers using knitting needles or crochet hooks? These can make great housewarming gifts or bridal shower favors. They are also a special present for expecting mothers who can use them in their baby’s wardrobe.


Wire coat hangers can be turned into hanging shoe storage ideas with minimal effort. All you need is some wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, plus a bit of decorative ribbon and you’re good to go! There are plenty of online tutorials for this easy DIY project, which is ideal for sandals or other low-profile shoes, simply attaching it to a low-hanging rod in your wardrobe.

Storage Solution

Are you in search of an effective storage solution for spooled items such as ribbon, thread, and tape? Reuse a wire hanger by cutting apart the sides and forming it into a circular shape. Then insert the item at the center of the hanger and hang it up on either a wall or door.