Rubbish Removal in London. House, Office and Builders Waste Collection.

House, Office and Builders Waste Collection

Are you considering the option of hiring a professional rubbish removal agency in London? We can offer you cheap waste collection services which are highly effective and flexible enough to meet the demands of homeowners, landlords, tenants and business proprietors. We will leave your garden, house, flat, building, garage, loft, shop, restaurant and other estate cleared of unwanted items in a speedy and professional manner.

Leave the Chore to Us

The trash disposal which you will receive from Express Waste Removals includes picking up and loading, transporting and recycling of heavy, bulky, small and large items, pieces of furniture, electrics, IT appliances and more. We will clear your garden from the weeds, turf, and cuttings. You name the type of trash, its weight, and volume, and we will take care of it the way the council expects. We have been delivering speedy, trustworthy and efficient rubbish removal services to the London residents in all areas up to 40 miles outside M25.


We collect all type of rubbish in London. What we don't collect is hazardous waste and materials such as asbestos and clinical waste. We collect furnitures, household waste, office waste, building rubbish etc. Your rubbish doesn’t need to be in bags, we provide the labour as well. The prices are based on the volume, weight and the labour provided. Therefore we need to receive some photos of w you have to be removed, or we can visit your place for free, no obligation quote. Please call us for more information on 020 8099 9819. Thank you!

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We can guarantee you assistance in your junk clearance for your:

  • House, flat, garage, loft and other residential property
  • Demolished, repaired, refurbished property and after building works
  • Garden, shed and outdoor space
  • Office rooms and business property
  • Commercial estate – shop, retail store, restaurant, pub, hotel, mall and other
  • Pieces of furniture of any size and type
  • Electrics, IT appliances and devices

Express Waste Removals will give you speedy response, easy process done step by step with great outcome. Our kind representatives are awaiting you and ready to arrange everything necessary for your rubbish to be collected and disposed of.

Our rubbish collection service :

  • We have insurance covering accidents
  • We work 7 days per week
  • We charge only according to the type and volume of junk removed – we are flexible
  • We provide lifting, moving, transporting, recycling and sorting by type, whenever it is required
  • We have vehicles of suitable sizes and types to deal with all kinds of transportations
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Transparent services and friendly attitude from our staff

Recycle and Protect Our Planet

Express Waste Removals works with care for the nature and is dedicated to keeping the environment clean. Our man and van clearance services are tailored to serve the needs of each customer and guarantee safe, thorough and affordable removals. Contact us online or if you prefer to speak with our assistants, give us a call. They will guide you through the booking process and save you a lot of inconveniences. Our booking is fast, easy and takes only a few minutes. We guarantee you second to none results every time.

Before Express Waste Removals

When waste accumulates in your home, it not only takes up valuable space, but also makes the premises unappealing to look at. Mouse over the image to see the difference.

After Express Waste Removals

At Express Waste Removals we think rubbish doesn’t belong where you live. That’s why we will pick it up and restore the original shine and glory of your residence. All the nastiness will be gone in a flash.

Why Us?

Aldought we keep our prices amongs the cheapest in London, there are other factors that makes our rubbish removal services best for you.

We are fully certified, insured and fit for the purpose. We are carefull with your properties, gentle with the customers and resposible to the enviroment. Making that business in favor to our planet.

Help us clean our space giving the appeal that our city deserves.

why express waste removals
  • 95% Satisfied Customers
  • 87% Price Reductions
  • 0% Damaged Properties
  • 65% Waste Recycled
  • 95% Bookings On-time






house clearance rubbish removal

If you plan to do a big renovation in your house or flat and you need to have all your possessions and domestic stuff removed from the premises, you can count on our house clearance service. We will take all of the stuff out, think: clothes, radiators, carpets, TV sets, curtains, mattresses, tables, mirrors, furniture, and anything in between. All you need to do is to give us a call and let us know when you would like us to do it.

Rubbish removal

If there is plenty of stuff you need to dispose of, such as possessions, appliances, furniture or other items that no longer serve their purpose, don’t hesitate to use our waste removal service. It was designed specifically to help you clear away unwanted items from your flat or house. We are equipped with the right tools and armed with knowledge. We also have the skills to do the job in the right way, avoiding any potential damages in your property.

Builders rubbish removal

When renovating your property, piles of construction materials and litter can take over your space. If you find yourself surrounded by ugly-looking debris that blocks your way to the premises, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our building rubbish removal service is for those, who have a lot of junk as a result of some construction work they have done. We can dispose of cement, tiles, soil, metals, brick, plasterboard, timber, wood and other materials. Our workers will do all the lifting for you. We can provide assistance with your waste removal during the construction work and afterward.

Office waste removal

We are also engaged in freeing space in offices, retail stores, hotels, shops, restaurants, pubs and other commercial buildings. We offer super easy, speedy and affordable solutions for your business. Our staff is experienced, certified, and trained to properly gather old fax machines, computers and other IT devices; chairs, desks, clip-boards, shelves, cork boards, paper piles, tables, and much more. We can also sort out the junk for you.

Garden clearance london

We clear all types of garden refuse, making outdoor spaces cleaner, tidier and more pleasing to look at. We only charge based on the volume of the junk we collect. Our workers pick up turf, flowers, grass cuttings, hedge clippings, weeds, rocks, litter and just about anything that you can think of. The waste is then transported to the nearest recycling centre and taken care of. We work carefully around your place without doing any damage or polluting the premises. We will leave your garden in perfect condition for family get-togethers and friends gatherings.

You may want to free more space in your property and get rid of the items, possessions, and appliances which no longer serve you. This is not as easy as it seems and requires the services of professionals to be implemented properly. If you hire Express to do the junk removal in London you need you will get top quality results. Even a simple garage clearance requires certain skills and equipment to be conducted well. Regardless of the type of property or place you need cleaned and get rid of rubbish, we have the men and vehicles to do the service effectively and with excellent results. Our man and van rubbish removal are speedy, affordable and trustworthy.

Express Waste Removals benefits:

  •  Same day waste disposal
  •  Cheap rubbish collection prices
  •  Price flexibility based on rubbish collected
  •  Insured and fully certified junk removal operators
  •  Working on weekends at NO extra charge!

Our staff will arrive on time, equipped and ready to do the lifting, loading, and transportation of heavy boxes, old appliances, furniture and other items. We will dispose of them correctly by recycling, sorting the materials by type or sending them for reuse. We recycle as much as possible to keep pollution to the minimum. Our rubbish removal experts will carry out the trash clearance adhering to the waste management rules using vans or trucks with the necessary size.

The junk disposal that Express Waste Removals provides to homeowners, holders of business, commercial and other estates has public liability insurance in the amount of 2 million pounds. Hiring our men is safe, easy and hassle-free for you so, don’t hesitate to do it for your home, office, commercial or business property or building, garden, and other areas. We have the skills, experience, men and vehicles to plan and carry out your waste removal in a fast and safe manner. We work during weekdays and weekends, have fixed prices and charge according to the weight and type of the rubbish removed.

Our Rubbish removal services are just a call away – 020 8099 9819. Save yourself the time, efforts and problems which hiring a skip can cause you. With us, you do not need permissions and all you have to do is call us and let us take care of the domestic, office, garden or builders leftovers and wastes in your building. We have customer support centre operating 24/7 and ready to assist you in getting a reliable, effective and affordable man and van rubbish removal services.

After specifying the number of bags with rubbish, the type and load of rubbish you need to be cleared, we will offer you a quote and proceed with it only after you accept it. Our rates are the best in Greater London and are calculated on the basis of the trash weight. We work during the weekend and bank holidays which doesn’t make our services more expensive. Use them to clear more space and make your workplace, shop, pub, house, garden, office or other property less cluttered and crowded. Give us call and our men will arrive at your doorstep to make sure your have your premises cleared of unwanted pieces of furniture, heavy boxes, electric appliances, old clothes, garden cuttings and other kinds of junk.

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Need help? We are open until 22:00 pm every day !

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Please note that we do not collect hazardous waste and materials such as asbestos and clinical waste. You are required by law to notify us at point of collection booking if your waste contains any hazardous materials and asbestos. We will not be held responsible if you fail to inform us of any materials or substances considered dangerous that are contained in the waste you want us to collect.

Please respect the public’s and our staff’s health and their right to work in a safe environment!