5 Recycling Tips You Need To Be Doing In 2018

Have you ever taken a moment to think about this; that in your lifetime on this earth, you’ll have generated 100,000 pounds of rubbish and waste! Add this to the carbon footprints you’ll leave in the form of C02 and you’ll realize that something needs to be done! Recycling is one of the easiest yet most effective ways of helping conserve the environment. At a time when global warming is no longer a distant myth but a clear and present reality, it is recommendable we all embrace recycling more than ever before. From plastic bottles, kitchen waste like food, gift wrappings; most of what we call waste in our homes could very well be recycled.  In 2018, we have compiled the below recycling tips that you should really try out. They are the best way to do something tangible towards helping conserve the planet.

  1. Reduce and reuse; although these two are often viewed as separate from recycling, truth is that they are very inter related. Reducing and reusing will mean that you have lesser to dispose of as waste. It is about limiting the amount of items that will need to be thrown away afterwards. Recycling is often a last remedy; the initial ones are in reducing and reusing.
  2. Know what’s recyclable; in 2018 you’ll also need to be conversant with what’s really recyclable, and what’s not. Never underestimate the amount or quantity of what can be recycled; if it’s recyclable, make sure it ends up in a recycling bin. Paper and cardboards, plastic, aluminum, glass; all these can be recycled into new products. So the next time before you aimlessly toss away that water bottle or energy drink can, consider putting them in a recycling bin. When putting glass for disposal, never break the glass as the different colors may spoil the desired outcome.
  3. Make it a habit; more often than not, we make resolutions but quickly forget about them after a week or two. In order to embrace recycling fully and effectively, you have to look at the larger picture. Purpose to lead an eco friendly life in all spheres of your life and you’ll find that recycling comes in naturally at all times. From embracing green energy to supporting companies that have embraced recycling; embrace eco friendliness in all aspects of your life.
  4. Recycling water; hey, how about recycling water in your home so that before you release it off the drain, it serves another purpose. Water used to bath, wash dishes or rinse clothes can be harvested, and sprinkled on the driveway for instance to reduce dust. It can also be recycled to water your lawn and flowers. When showering, don’t dance and sing for 10 minutes; make it brief and essential.
  5. Recycling food; lastly, how do you plan to handle food waste and other kitchen waste in 2018? Well, forget about throwing such in landfills, food recycling is real and effective.  You can prepare compost from food waste in a process known as composting; the resulting organic manure is very ideal for your lawn or garden. IF you have a composting facility in your home the better, the process is pretty easy and straight forward, food waste, tea bags, egg shells; all these will make very good compost that you can use on your garden instead of buying inorganic fertilizer made of harmful chemicals. Food recycling is fun as it is effective.

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