Rubbish Removal In London – What Does The Law Say?

Each year, around 177 million tonnes of waste are generated across the UK. Most of this comes from homes, commercial premises like businesses, offices, construction sites, and so on so forth. However, some of this waste ends up being illegally dumped or disposed of, posing serious environmental challenges. So much so that illegal dumping, better known as Fly Tipping has become a serious problem in the UK. Local authorities and councils have come up with laws and regulations criminalizing fly tipping and other improper acts in the line of waste collection and disposal. Please note that illegal waste dumping is different from littering; littering means the careless dropping of waste and other items on a small scale. But illegal dumping means that waste is illegally dumped in the wrong places on a large scale. This could be on the highways, public parks, driveways, and the likes. As such, you have every reason to consider whether the waste collection and disposal company you’re hiring is licensed and authorized to handle waste.

Rubbish removal in London and Law Behind

  • Between the year 2016 and 2017, over one million calls or reports were made across the UK, regarding piles of rubbish that had been illegally dumped. When someone illegally dumps rubbish on your property, you’ll be solely responsible for clearing all of it. However, you have to ensure that you report such instances to the local authority so that they investigate and if possible, prosecute the culprits.
  • Fly tipping is criminalized in Section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The fact of the matter is that over 50% of all illegally dumped waste in London and other places around England is dumped on highways. What does this tell you? It could be that some of the service providers you hire to come and clear your home or office rubbish ends up dumping the same on highways. Always ensure that you hire a reputable waste clearance company that’s licensed. That’s one of the best ways to ensure that the rubbish ends up in the right place; either in recycling plants or in landfills.
  • As a home or office owner, even real estate managers; littering or dumping waste will cost you not less than £400 in the form of a fine. If you consider the fact that annually, Councils hand out about 50,000 penalties relating to the illegal dumping of waste; that means things are serious, Councils and the Environmental Agency continue to tighten the noose on anyone handling waste illegally.

rubbish removal in london

  • Businesses and commercial premises in particular should ensure that they hire reputable rubbish removal companies. This is because the penalties of disposing your rubbish improperly could be higher if you’re taken in a court of law. One of the biggest financial penalties ever imposed to a business for illegal waste dumping was in 2016; a Birmingham business was slapped with a £ 25,000 for dumping their waste illegally. Yet, a reputable and reliable rubbish removal company would cost you a fraction of that amount to clear your waste and dispose of it properly.
  • The law also encourages people to avoid disposing biodegradable waste in landfills. You’ve been made to think that landfills are the safest place to direct all your home or office waste. But while this is partly true, fact of the matter is that some of that waste can be recycled or reused. And even when the non recyclable ends up in landfills, the methane produced can have disastrous consequences for Mother Nature in the long run. Methane is a notorious green house emission that has been cited in the current unfolding global warming phenomenon.
  • Lastly, we all have a duty and obligation to embrace recycling. Recycling is recommendable because it basically alleviates any pressure on the planet to produce new raw materials. Opt for a rubbish removal company that has high recycling rates; ask the company well in advance what their policy is towards recycling. Similarly, make a habit of buying recycled or shopping from stores that package with recyclable materials. We can all make a huge difference collectively by embracing recycling. On more cases, there are good benefits of recycling wastes in right way.

rubbish removal in london

In Conclusion:

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