Why is recycling in London so important explained by Express Waste Removals

Despite being larger and more cosmopolitan when compared to most EU cities, London continues to lag behind when it comes to recycling. Amsterdam, Oslo, Hamburg; the recycling rates here are higher when compared to our very own city. Why is Recycling Important? Recycling is an easy but effective way for everyone to make a positive impact on our world.  Currently, the London Mayor is in the frontline trying to help tackle an influx in plastic bottles across the city. These bottles chock drainage systems, they’re an eyesore when left littering our parks and public spaces; not to mention the long term effects of plastic that finds its way into the Thames and our oceans. Over the years, Express Waste Removals has been leading the way when it comes to recycling; we have helped many London homes and businesses get their waste recycled. We handle all the logistics for you by collecting all the items that you want recycled and transporting them to the nearest recycling plant

Recycling is good for the environment; the first importance of recycling is that it’s good for the environment. It reduces the need to manufacture new products from new raw materials. The amount of harmful greenhouse gases that are emitted when a new product is being manufactured is high; recycling reduces that tremendously. Thus as a city, if we can recycle more products than we’re manufacturing afresh, the better it’d be for the environment.

Good for the people; have you ever thought about the millions of tonnes of waste and rubbish that ends up in landfills? Yet, much of that waste can be recycled and turned into usable items and objects.  Most Londoners are more concerned on getting rubbish removed from their homes and offices; few are eager to find out where and how the waste will be disposed. Which is why when you hire Express Waste Removals, one of the very first things we do is to let you know that we’re passionate about recycling! Be inspired to give out whatever recyclable items you may be possessing. This includes the usual waste, or even junk and clutter idling in your basement and stores. Think of old toys and damaged bicycles your kids don’t use anymore. Think of damaged electronics and old mobile phones. Whatever the case, our waste removers will pick such and ensure that we’ve taken them for recycling.

Waste-Clearance-servicesIt’s fun, beneficial to economy; there are thousands of people who work in the recycling industry in London. They include recycling plants, and the vast network of waste collectors who take the bulk of recyclable materials for recycling. Like we mentioned, it is very important that you find out from the waste removal company whether they recycle their waste. A company that is only interested in the profits and hardly makes any effort to recycle the waste collected should be avoided. But again, not all recycling has to be done in a recycling plant away from home. You can recycle your food waste via composting. Composting is fun and easy, you just need to ensure that the right temperatures, moisture, and mixture are used. Organic homemade compost manure is the best, very ideal for your London home garden, flowers, even flowers on vases.



Express Waste Removals cooperates with some of the leading recycling plants across London. Each time you hire us to handle your home or business waste, rest assured that you’re working with a company is passionate about Mother Nature.  We offer our services to homes and apartments, offices, even real estate companies looking for a waste removal company to handle multiple waste removal exercises, in different locations. Give us a call today or book our services online; it’s easy and takes 2 minutes.